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Friday, March 9, 2018

DayStar of the Month for February 2018 ~ Blue Essex

Our unanimously voted DayStar of the Month for February 2018 is a very handsome one year old English Retriever named Blue.

Blue has been coming regularly to Dog Star Ranch since September 2016! This handsome fella has boarded, played for the day, trained, and groomed here! He’s done it all! No wonder it is so hard for him to pick a favorite thing about Dog Star Ranch!

Here is a list of all his favorite things that he could think of:

-          He love love LOVES Dog Star Ranch all year long! Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. In the Spring he loves to play in the puddles, in the Summer he loves to swim at the pond, in the Fall he loves to play with the pumpkins that we put out in the park (and getting dressed up on Halloween), and in the Winter he loves to roll and play in the snow! He really, really, really LOVES Dog Star Ranch all year long!!
-          He loves riding the bus too! It always makes him happy when he sees the Dog Gone Waggin’ pull up. Blue is always waiting patiently at the door for his favorite bus driver, Diane. And since he is such a regular on the bus as well, you bet he has a routine! He has a favorite crate that he likes to go into, and when Diane goes to drop him back off at home he won’t get out until she has given him his belly rubs. Blue has done a really great job at training Diane
-          Blue also enjoys working with Tyler on his manners. Tyler says that Blue is one smart cookie!
-          And speaking of cookies, Blue also loooooves cookies and food. Really eating in general.
-          But what makes Dog Star Ranch the best (besides the Star Buddies and staff) are his fur-friends! One of his best fur-friends is Gus a ginormous Newfie! Since Gus is so big, he needed a friend that could handle his size, and then along came Blue! You should see these two play together; they definitely tire each other out! Because of Blue’s lovable personality he has a lot of fur-friends that he gets to play with.
-          Speaking of his lovable personality and how great of a fur-friend he is, sometimes the Star Buddies refer to Blue as the rufferee, and that is because when he sees a friend playing too rough or annoying another fur-friend, he steps in and breaks it up, sometimes even redirecting the friend playing rough onto himself so his other friend can be left alone.

Blue Boy, you have such a BIG golden heart! You are so lovable, smart, and kind! You are such a joy to have at Dog Star Ranch! Thank you for being a part of our furry family!

Congratulations on being unanimously voted as DayStar of the month for February!

Your DSR Family <3 o:p="">

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