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Monday, November 6, 2017

DayStar of the Month for October 2017 ~ Sam Ayotte

Our DayStar of the Month for October 2017 has been coming to Dog Star Ranch since April of 2014! She may be small, but she sure is feisty. She is sassy and sweet. She is independent and tough. She can play it rough with the big boys. She has a heart of gold and all the boys at Dog Star love her. She is Sam Ayotte!

There are many boys in Sam’s life, but some of her favorites include: Bowie, Cash, and Sampson. She is always excited to see their waggin’ tails when she comes for Daycare. Sam A. is never afraid to put them in their place either. If they start playing too rough, she knows how to tell them to knock it off. She is a no nonsense kinda girl, which is exactly why we love her! Not only is she a great fur-friend for being able to play so well with others, but she is also helping some of her fur-friends who don’t necessarily know how to play so well with others; she is helping them to understand when enough is enough and how to play properly! Thanks for being a great fur-friend to all of your fur-friends, Sam!

There are many parts of Sam’s Daycare day that she enjoys such as: playing with her fur-friends in the yards, going out to the park for a run, swimming at the pond, and napping on the couch in front of the window in the loft. She also enjoys belly rubs from her Star Buddies. She really knows how to pack her Daycare day FULL of activities!

Sam, you are an absolute joy to have at Daycare! You always put a smile on our faces! We love seeing the excitement that you have for not only Dog Star, but for all the fur-friends you get to play with as well. Whenever you are excited your entire body gets into it; not only is your tail waggin’, but your butt is wigglin’ too.

Thank you for being a part of the Dog Star Ranch family! 


We love you!

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