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Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break Fever:
She was an independent, sarcastic lady who's biggest joy was being snuggled in a thick blanket reading her latest suspense novel. He was the social butterfly, the guy who wants to be everyone's best friend. They seemed like a unlikely match, but spring break has a way of bringing even the most unlikely pair together.
Baco went mudding with the boys, while Gianna was nature walking in deep thought.
He slept in late and played until the sun went down, and she was up at the crack of dawn so she could watch the sun rise over the pond.
They were both enjoying their spring break and having the time of their lives, it seemed as though nothing could make their vacation better. That is, until they met.
Gianna had just started a new book and couldn't postpone reading it any longer. She hunkered down under a tree, but before she even opened the book she was captivated by a strong, blonde fella swimming in the pond with some buddies. He was so carefree and spunky that she couldn't look away. When Baco caught her looking their eyes locked and Gianna could feel her face turning a deep red, so like any girl would she quickly glanced away embarrassed that she had been discovered. When she looked back Baco was walking towards her, her heart panicked as she tried to play it cool and hide her rosy cheeks with the book.
He walked up to her and sat down. He was calm, cool and collected; or at least that is how he seemed on the outside. On the inside however, his tongue felt like it had outgrown his mouth and he had completely forgotten his own name. They sat their for a moment in awkward silence, until a hello burst from them both followed by uncontrollable laughter. It was a instant connection, chemistry you just can't make up. They spent the rest of their spring break inseparable.
Baco joined Gianna every morning to watch the sunrise, and she went for evening adventures with him.
Everything was perfect, but sadly spring break only last's a week and it was time for Baco to return home. They said their sad goodbyes, but vowed to return next year and pick up where they left off.
What does the future have in store for these two love birds?
Will Baco and Gianna find each other again?
Why didn't they exchange emails or something?
What book was Gianna reading?
Tune in next time on Spring Break Fever!

For More Pictures from this weekend and today click on the link below!

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