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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Take a ride on the Dog Gone Waggin’!

“So leaving at 6:50?” Anna texted Diane.
Diane replied back “Yes, leaving at 6:50”
“Perfect!! I’m excited!!” Anna replied.
“Lol….it will be fun and with 15, it will be the perfect day for you to ride!”

Bodhi R. (Stop #1)

Diane drove down the long and bumpy driveway; she could see Bodhi sitting next to his Dad waiting.
“I’m sitting, I’m sitting, I’m sitting like a good boy…” Bodhi repeated to himself, as it was sometimes very difficult for him to remember his manners when he was so excited.
Bodhi hopped up and shouted “Diane!” and then remembered his manners and sat again, his front paws marched in place: left, right, left, right, left.
Diane gave Bodhi his good morning behind the ear scratches, “Good morning, Bodhi!”
Bodhi licked her hands with excitement (they tasted like treats), “Good morning!”
Diane took Bodhi’s leash from his Dad and walked him to the bus. Bodhi rested his front paws on the bumper as Diane opened the door for him.
“Alright Bodhi, you ready?” Diane asked as she opened the door to his spot.
Bodhi hopped into the bus.
“…good boy! In your spot…” Diane praised.
Bodhi climbed into his spot, positioned himself comfortably and then gently nudged Diane’s hand. “Umm…it’s Friday.” He whispered as he nudged her.
Diane held out a handful of treats for Bodhi, which he gobbled up quickly.
Bodhi settled into his spot as Diane drove off to their next stop.

Bowie and Maybel O. (Stop #2)

Maybel stood next to the window and watched as Diane pulled up to the house. “Bowie, I see her!” She barked.
“I’m coming!” Bowie slid to a stop next to Maybel. “She’s getting out!”
As Diane approached the door she heard Bowie and Maybel pawing at the door, their signal to her to move faster.
“Dog Star! Dog Star!” Bowie and Maybel sang to each other.
As they waited for Mom and Dad to open the door, Bowie and Maybel performed their “Happy Dance” for Diane. Bowie tap, tap, tapped his paws while Maybel wag, wag, wagged her tail.
Bowie and Maybel wagged their tails good bye to Mom and Dad as Diane walked them out to the bus.
Diane opened the door and Bowie hopped up and into his spot, no trouble at all. Maybel followed, but her long and awkward body didn’t want to get all the way into her spot, so Diane needed to help her tuck her tail in. Bodhi watched from his spot with an amused expression on his face while Bowie whined for his treats.
“Here you guys go!” Diane said as she slipped a few treats into each spot.

Scooter and Spencer V. (Stop #3)

“Can you see her?” Scooter and Spencer asked each other at the same time.
“You’re taller!” Scooter said.
“Nu-uh! We’re the same height!” Spencer responded.
Scooter and Spencer stood on their tippy-toes and tried their best to peek out the bottom window of the door to see if their Diane was walking up. She was, and all she could see were just the tippy-tops of their heads, but she could hear them itching at the door.
“She’s coming!” Scooter and Spencer said to each other at the same time.
In unison they barked out “Mom! She’s here!”
“Open the door!” Scooter demanded.
“Open the door PLEASE!” Spencer corrected.
As the door opened together they shouted “DIANE!”
Scooter and Spencer sprung out the door as soon as they could both fit through and immediately started to hug and kiss and receive love from their favorite bus driver.
Diane leaned over and greeted them. “Don’t forget to say goodbye to Mom!” She reminded them.
Scooter and Spencer raced back into the house, got distracted and antagonized the cat instead.
“We’re going to DOG STAR RANCH!” They shouted at the cat.
“GOOD! Then go!” The cat said as it ran off somewhere safe.
Scooter and Spencer ran back to the door and gave their Mom a quick kiss and headed back out the door.
Scooter and Spencer raced each other to the bus where Diane opened the large sliding door for them and first Scooter, then Spencer hopped up and waited patiently for Diane to pick up one and then the other.
Diane hadn’t even reached the end of the driveway, when she turned around to check on her pups, they were already half asleep.

Ernie P. (Stop #4)

Ernie was sitting by the window waiting for Diane to walk around the corner.
“Mom?!” Ernie shouted.
“Yes Ernie?” Ernie’s Mom came to the door.
“She’s here! Do you have my stuff ready?!” Ernie began to prance around with excitement.
“It’s all ready to go!” Ernie wiggled around while his Mom put his leash on.
Ernie bolted out the door. “Aren’t you going to say goodbye?” Diane asked as she gave Ernie his good morning scratches.
“BYE!” Ernie grabbed onto his leash and started to pull.
His Mom stepped out onto the cold cement. “Goodbye Ernie! Have fun! Don’t miss us too much.” She said as she tried to give him a hug.
“I won’t!” He said between his teeth, still holding onto the leash.
“Ernie’s Mom laughed, “I see who you like more!”
“Love you Mom!” Ernie smiled.
Ernie grabbed onto his leash and walked backwards as he pulled Diane all the way to the bus, jumping from left to right.
Diane opened the large sliding door “Alright, alright! Let’s get in the bus.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa…!!” Ernie put on the breaks.
“What is it, Ernie? Come on! Let’s go to Dog Star!” Diane tried coaxing him into the van.
“Show me the treats.” Ernie said as he sat down in the snow.
“See!” Diane pulled a handful of treats out of her pocket.
“Okay!” And just like that, Ernie jumped into the van and went straight into his spot and immediately turned to Diane for his treats.
“ERNIE!” Bodhi barked from the back.
“Hey Bodhi!” Ernie greeted back.
“Are we gonna play together today?” Bodhi asked.
“Oh yeah we are!” Ernie said excitedly.
As Diane drove off to Elsa’s house a stinky stench filled the bus.
“Who farted?” Diane asked.
“Wasn’t me!” Bowie chimed in.
“I would know if it was you!” Diane chuckled.

Elsa G. (Stop #5)

“Elsa! Good morning sweetheart.” Diane greeted Elsa who was waiting inside her crate.
“Well aren’t you chipper…” Elsa muttered.
“Aww Elsa, what’s the matter?” Diane opened the crate door and scratched Elsa behind her ears.
“I’m mad.” Elsa said matter-of-factly.
“Mom told me you were gonna be grumpy.” Diane said as she and Elsa walked out the door.
“They always get to go places and I can’t go with.” Elsa said.
“But so do you!” Diane reminded her. “You get to go to Dog Star!”
“You make a good point.” Elsa wagged her tail at this.
Elsa hopped into her spot and as Diane was handing her some treats, Elsa scrunched up her nose and asked “Who farted!?”
“Not me!” Bowie shouted again.
Ernie just chuckled.

Blue and Harrison E. (Stop #6)

“Harry, she’s here! She’s here! She’s here!” Blue danced around the foyer singing “She’s here, she’s here, Diane is here! She’s here, she’s here, she’s here, Diane is here!”
“I know, Blue.” Harrison said to his energetic little brother who continued to dance around him.
“Blue, sit down…”
“Yes Harry…” Blue huffed as he sat down next to his big brother. “She is walking up to the door.” Blue reported. “She is opening the screen door!” Blue started to wiggle and tried really hard to stay sitting.
“Dog Star Ranch!” Diane shouted as she opened the main door.
“DIANE!” Blue wiggled like a squirmy wormy around Diane while Harrison sat patiently waiting his turn.
“Alright boys, are you ready to go?” Diane asked.
“YES! Don’t forget my lunch!” Blue shouted as he bolted out the door.
“I won’t forget your lunch.” Diane said as she picked it up off the floor.
“WOO-HOO!” Blue shouted as he ran to the bus.
Harrison walked casually behind Diane as Blue bounced around by the bus as he waited for them. Diane opened the door and Blue hopped in right away while Harrison sat down quietly beside her leg and waited to be picked up and placed in his spot. Before they even left the driveway Blue was already sawing logs. Harrison watched from his tower as they pulled out and onto the road and headed to their next destination.
“Only a couple more stops.” Diane promised.

Benson, Bridgett, and Rifiki R. (Stop #7)

“Mom!” Benson shouted.
“Mooom!” Rifiki shouted.
“Moooooom!” Bridgett shouted.
“She’s here!” Rifiki said.
“The bus is here!” Benson informed.
“Diane is here!” Bridgett squeaked.
Benson, Bridgett, and Rifiki’s Mom opened the door and all three ran out to greet Diane.
“Hello Weenies!” Diane said as the three ran between her legs and around her.
“Mom is making me wear two sweaters!” Rifiki grumbled.
“I only have one on!” Benson smirked.
“It’s cold!” Bridgett ran back inside.
“Brr!” Benson followed Bridgett.
“Back inside! Go, go, go!” Rifiki ran.
Bridgett’s Mom picked her up and gave her a kiss before handing her off to Diane. “Time to go with Diane!” Their Mom said as she shooed them out the door. Benson and Rifiki ran out the door and to the bus.
“Can you put me in your coat?” Bridgett asked as she nuzzled herself closer to Diane.

Mia and Rudy P. (Stop #8)

“She’ll be comin’ around the corner…”
“When she comes!”
“She’ll be comin’ around the corner…”
“When she comes!”
“We’ll be sittin’ by the door…”
“Until she comes!”
“We’ll be sittin’ by the door…”
“Until she comes!”
“We’ll be getting’ on the bus…”
“To go to Dog Star!”
“We’ll be getting’ on the bus…”
“To go to Dog Star!”
Mia and Rudy sang their duet.
“Oh!” Shouted Mia.
“She’s here!” Rudy danced left paw, right paw, left paw, right paw to the syllables of each word “Di-ane-is-here-Di-ane-is-here!”
Diane opened the door. Mia and Rudy rushed out to greet her, one on each side so that they would both have a hand to scratch them and then they switched sides (just in case one hand was better than the other).
Mia and Rudy pranced around the bus doing their happy dance while they waited for Diane to open the door for them to hop inside. Mia and Rudy took turns perching themselves on top of the baby gate where they begged to be loved from their favorite Bus Driver.

Brody H. (Stop #9)

“Right on time!” Brody smiled as Diane opened the door for him. He would have done it himself, but no thumbs.
“Good morning, Brody!” Diane said.
“Good morning!” Brody said as he bounced around.
“Sit!” Diane said as she motioned for him to sit.
“Yes ma’am!” Brody plopped his butt on the ground.
“Shake!” Diane held out her hand.
“You’ve got it!” Brody high-fived her hand and she shook it.
“Treat?” Diane asked as she reached her hand into her pocket.
“Have you ever known me to say no to a treat?” Brody tilted his head.
Diane smiled at her meathead and then gave him a pat on the head.
As they were walking out to the bus Brody became distracted by an unfamiliar smell. “Wait! Diane, do you smell that? Something was over by my wood stack! There are even footprints! Look! See?! Smells like a bunny…”
“Come on, Brody!” Diane motioned for him to come over to the bus.
“Coming!” Brody ran up to Diane and hopped into the bus.
“Last stop Dog Star Ranch!” Diane informed all the pups.
“Someone farted again!” Mia shouted.
“Wasn’t me!” Bowie exclaimed!

After Diane was finished handing the first fifteen of her bus friends to their Star Buddy, she headed back out to get her Zoe.

Zoe S. (Stop #10)

When Diane walked in the door of Zoe’s house, she was waiting patiently-ish next to her Dad. She couldn’t help but do an antsy dance from the excitement of knowing that she was going to Dog Star Ranch.

Zoe’s Dad waited until she settled. “Okay, okay…I’m calm. I promise.” Zoey whined.

As soon as her Dad let go of her collar, Zoe ran up to Diane and gave her a hug (even though she knew better than to jump, she just couldn’t help it!).

“You always save the best for last!” Zoe said proudly as she strutted to the van.

As Diane walked away from the bus with Zoe, she was already thinking about her afternoon bus run and Monday’s bus run…

“So what is your favorite part about being the bus driver to dogs?” Anna asked.
“Just seeing how happy they are when I get there and how they ‘know’ me when I walk through the building…like I make them feel safe and they WANT to be around me. Make sense?” Diane replied. “Oh…and I LOVE it when they get in their spots and turn around and pop their head out for hugs and kisses” she added.

“That is because you are their Diane J” 

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