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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode Four: Happily? Ever After

In case you missed it:
Last week's episode ("Escape!") left us with Sophie escaping, running into Mack and Mack taking her to Big Papa to find out about Burton's past.

Sophie was devastated by Burton's past. She knew that that was no longer who he was, but to know that that was who he use to be...she couldn't shake it. He was just as bad as Moss, but unlike Moss, Burton turned around, made something out of his life, but his past still haunted him. And now it haunted her too...

Burton was able to stop Moss' evil plan on one condition...he return to his old ways...

In a letter to Sophie he wrote...

Dearest Sophie,

Words cannot even begin to describe the pain my heart feels as I write this letter to you. Nothing I say will comfort you. I chose what I had to do to protect you, so that I wouldn't cause you any more pain. But even saying that won't provide you with any comfort.

I want you to be happy. I want you to be with someone who will not cause you any pain. Be happy.

I will never forget you.

Don't wait for me.


Sophie cried for days. Her broken...

But Sophie's heart did not stay broken forever.

She found love again.

She would always remember Burton, but Keeper was able to mend her heart and make her happy again.

Stay tuned next to see what drama Te Amo Mi Amor will cook up next!

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