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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DayStar of the Month for January 2017

DayStar of the Month for January 2017 ~ Mochi Ballantyne

Our DayStar of the Month for January 2017 is a very special someone with a one of a kind personality! When he is not busy being a rufferee, our DayStar can be seen flying (it’s his superpower) across the parks rescuing damsels in distress or coming to the aide of his other superhero fur-friends!

We are happy to announce that Mochi Ballantyne is our DayStar of the Month for January 2017! Mochi may be small, but his personality is VERY large. Mochi started coming to Dog Star Ranch in July of 2015 and although he was a little shy his first time out to the Ranch, it did not take him long to warm up and make MANY fur-friends! Since then we have seen Mochi for Daycare, Boarding, Training, and his most favorite activity out enjoying the parks with his Mom regardless of the season (and sometimes even weather!).

In my search for pictures of Mochi I came across over 95+ pictures of him partaking in various activities such as: napping on the couch, hanging out with his fur-friends inside, enjoying the pond, running around the park, and getting the spa treatment from his Groomers. It is safe to say that Mochi loves EVERYTHING about Dog Star Ranch.

Mochi is quite the social butterfly. He is always very quick to make fur-friends whether he is here for Daycare, Boarding, or the Parks, Mochi is always making friends! One of his best fur-friends is Lily the Beagle! Whenever Mochi and Lily are here at the same time, they are inseparable! Mochi also loves playing with his much larger twin, Thor! Thor is a Pyre-doodle, and minus the size difference these two could be identical twins!

Mochi is extremely agile. He floats like a butterfly and flies like Superman. It is always heartwarming to watch Mochi greet his Mom after a boarding stay or even daycare; he launches himself up and into her arms and proceeds to shower her with loads of hugs and kisses.

Mochi, we are so happy to have you as a part of the Dog Star Ranch family! We love seeing you have fun out in the parks, as well as here with us! You are such a unique and special boy and we wouldn’t want to have you any other way! Your spunky personality is what makes us smile so much!

Congratulations on being nominated as Dog Star Ranch’s DayStar of the Month for January 2017!

We love you!

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