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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Weekend Report!

Anchorwoman Princess: Good afternoon! Thank you for joining Dog Star Ranch's Weekend Report! We've got a lot of really great stuff to share with you!
We have Jed and Vlad with Sports!
Slugo with the Weather!
Hope with our Boarding Report!
And Rori with our Daycare Report!
So now to you Jed and Vlad with Sports!

Jed: Thank you, Princess!
Vlad: Today is Sports lets talk about Sticks!
Jed: Thanks to the recent weather we've had, Sticks has become a very popular sport among pups of all ages in the parks!
Vlad: It is a really easy game to get into!
Jed: All you've got to do is pick up sticks!
Vlad: There are many ways to play it too, like how fast you can chew it to pieces!
Jed: Or how many times you can run around with it in your mouth without it getting stolen..
Vlad: Or without dropping it!
Jed: Yes, that too! You can also play fetch with sticks.
Vlad: You can also see how many you can fit in your mouth.
Jed: Sticks is a great game to play!
Vlad: Now to Slugo with the Weather! What's it lookin' like, Slug?

Slugo: This picture was submitted by a Star Buddy from over the weekend! As you can see with the temperature fluctuating between warm and cold, we went from liquid to solid!

Slugo: On Saturday it was mostly cloudy. It was a high of 51° with a low of 0°. Sunday was fair with a high of 57° and a low of -11°! Can you say burrrr!!? Monday was rainy, rainy, rainy...with a high of 59° and a low of -9°. Today consisted of more showers and there were multiple school closings! Thank goodness Dog Star never closes! For the rest of the week we can look forward to cloudy, sunny, showers, and cloudy again with temperatures estimated to be in the 40's. All I have to say is hey Michigan, make up your mind! Now to Hope with the Boarding Report!

Hope: Thank you! We had a few first-time boarders with us this weekend! Ike, who is still currently boarding with us. He is here with his brother Jefferson; and leaving us today were Vienna and Lady! We asked Vienna and Lady what their favorite part of their stay was and they said that it was coming up front to hang out with the Office Ladies and receive treats! Treats are my favorite part too! Ike says that his favorite part of staying at Dog Star Ranch are playing with his Star Buddies and his group of fur-friends! I can say that running around in the parks in one of my favorite parts too!

Rori: It's always great when first-time boarders have an excellent time! Good afternoon! Rori here with the Daycare Report! I would like to introduce our newest Daycare Buddy who had their first day of daycare on Monday! Mister Haven is a young German Shepherd who enjoyed his day playing with Sophia the Golden! Let's go to Haven and ask him how his first day was!

Rori: Haven, what did you think of the Ranch when you first walked in?
Haven: I was like WHOA!
Rori: You aren't the first one to have that reaction! Were you nervous at first?
Haven: Oh, yeah, I had no idea what was going on or what I would be doing!
Rori: But clearly you warmed up after a bit...
Haven: Oh, yeah, everyone was so nice to me and they made me feel very welcome.
Rori: You went for a run with Sophia, is that correct?
Haven: Yes, Sophia is great! She is amazing!
Rori: Thank you, Haven! We look forward to seeing more of you in daycare!
Haven: Thank you!
Rori: Back to you Princess!

Princess: Thank you, Rori! And welcome to Dog Star Ranch, Haven! So there you have it! That is The Weekend Report! We hope that you've enjoyed it! We will leave you with this short poem for today:

January showers
melted snow
flooded yards
sketchy roads
icy conditions
closed schools
Dog Star Ranch
missing all its
fur-friends who
stayed home
all snuggled up
with their hoomans

Check out more pictures from the weekend and Monday by clicking on the link below!

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