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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Weekend Report

And up next we have Minnie with our Weekend Report!

Minnie: Good evening! Brr! It sure has been a cold winter!

On Saturday we had a recorded low of -11°F;
Sunday a recorded low of -3°F;
And today a recorded low of -8°F

We reached a high of 58°F on Saturday;
A high of 55°F on Sunday;
And a high of 48°F today

But it sure didn't feel all that warm!

Much of the weekend was spent with quick potty breaks outside and fun, fun, fun in the arena where it was warm!

And now to Benson in the arena!

Benson: Thank you Minnie!

The arena is a popular option among the little dogs! Not only does it keep us out of the snow, but it allows us to get out and play like the rest of the bigger, fluffier fur-friends who are more likely built for winter weather and actually enjoy playing in the snow!

And now to Liam out in the park!

Liam: Love your jacket, Benson! Unlike Benson, I don't need a coat because I have more fur! And also unlike Benson, I love the snow! My bigger and more active friends, as well as myself enjoyed running and playing in the snow! It's great exercise that really helps get the blood pumping! 

With the temperatures as they were this weekend, we rotated between outside and inside time to make sure that we were staying warm while still being able to go out and play!

Back to you Minnie with the weather!

Minnie: Thank you Liam! Well, if you were hoping for warmer weather in the upcoming days, don't! Tomorrow calls for rain, snow, and wind. You will be looking forward to rain and snow in the morning, turning to mostly rain in the afternoon, with a high of 42°F.

Everyone had a happy weekend and be sure to check out all the pictures from the weekend and today by clicking on the link below!

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