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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode Three: Escape!

In case you missed it:
Last week's episode ("Doppelganger") was filled with mischief! Moss the notorious Casanova began to unfold his evil master plan, targeting none other than the handsome and dashing Burton, who as we come to find out has a dark and secret past! Burton's beloved Sophie finds an envelope containing Burton's past, some fabricated in order to frame him and quickly goes to find him and confront him. The episode ends with Burton rushing off to stop Moss' evil plan, leaving Sophie behind where she is kidnapped by Moss' men!

What happened to Sophie? What is Burton going to do? What is Moss' evil plan? Can Burton foil Moss' plan before it is too late?

Moss' men quickly realized that Sophie was no ordinary lady, and that she was definitely NOT the type to be a damsel in distress! Within hours Sophie had fought her way away from Moss' men and was on the run back to Burton...if only she knew where she was and how to get to...where?

As she was trying to retrace her steps: left, right, left, straight, straight, straight, left, right, curve, straight, straight, left, straight...she bumped into none other than Mack!

"You?" Mack said with shock.
"Me?" Sophie asked.
"You're Burton's girl."
"I'm Sophie, yes."
"You are suppose to be..."
"Kidnapped? Yeah, that Moss guy underestimated me."
"That he did."
"What do you know?" Sophie took a step forward, Mack took a step back.
"I got nothin' to say."
"Oh, but I think you do. And if you don't want to wind up like those clowns back there, you'll talk." Another step forward, another step back.
"I'm not scared of you..." Mack said hesitantly.
"Weird because I swear I smelled fear, either that or you just farted."
Mack cracked a smile. "I like you."
"So lets talk."

Mack joined Sophie on her way back to Burton not because he wanted to, but because his life would be better with Sophie and Burton versus Moss, especially after willingly leaving with the escapee.

But instead of going back to Burton, Mack took Sophie to see someone else. Someone who could tell Sophie about Burton's past. Someone who could help save Burton's future. They call him Big Papa.

What will Sophie find out about Burton's past? Will she be able to help Burton with her newfound information? And will she be able to get to Burton in time to stop him from doing something foolish?!

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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