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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode Two: Doppelganger

In case you missed it:
Last week's episode ("A Lover's Triangle") was filled with betrayal! Elsa was caught off guard when she found Ruger with another woman! Chevy, the other woman, had no idea about Elsa! Are things between Ruger and Elsa really over? Who really is the OTHER woman!? If you missed it be sure to check it out in the previous blog post Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode One: A Lover's Triangle!

Episode Two: Doppelganger

Moss is a notorious Casanova known more for breaking hearts than mending them. He is a sinister man with a sinister plan for revenge! Years in the making, Moss has calculated each and every movement to the exact date and time! But who could Moss be out to destroy? What is his motive?

We first meet Moss in the middle of a phone conversation. "Yes. He is here. I saw him. No, he didn't see me. Yes. I saw her. Yes. Yes. It's going exactly as planned. Yes. No. No. Yes. Just stick to the plan. Ok. Bye."

"Alright, Sampson, you know what you have to do." Moss says to Sampson.
"On it, boss." Sampson says as he walks away.

Sampson walks over to Sophie and discretely places the envelope with incriminating "evidence" of Burton in plain sight where she will find it. As Sampson leaves, he makes a quick knock before disappearing.

Sophie turns around, notices the envelope, picks it up and looks around to see who dropped it. She turns it over in her paws and in big, bold, black letters is Sophie's name. She opens up the envelope, looks at the contents inside and immediately drops it all on the ground! Without a care she quickly runs to find Burton.

Burton sees Sophie running to him and he runs the rest of the way to meet her.
Out of breath Sophie tries to get out what she wants to say. "Burt....Burton...Burton...someone...someone is...someone is trying..."
"What is it? Calm down. Breathe." Burton says, urging her to sit.
Sophie takes a moment to collect herself. "Someone is trying to frame you."
"What?!" Burton asks, confused.
"I got an envelope with pictures and emails and phone logs..."
"From who?!"
"I don't know! I don't know! They just appeared!"
"An envelope with that kind of stuff doesn't just appear!"
"I didn't see, okay!!"
"Are you sure?!"
"YES! I'm sure! I heard a knock, turned around and it was there! Nobody else. Just the envelope."
"You don't believe any of it, do you?"
"If I did we would be having a different conversation! Should I believe it?"
"Not all of it..."
"I know that you have a past that I've never forced you to talk about, but I think now maybe I should know!"
"I can't risk it, Sophie...I never wanted you to get in the middle of this..."
"Get in the middle of what?! I don't know what is going on!"
"It's too much and the more you know the worse it will get for you."
"Burton, tell me..."
"I use to do some shady stuff, some of what you got is probably records from my past. I've changed though. I'm better because of you."
"Whatever it is..."
"My brother."
"You have a brother?"
"Twin actually."
"What happened?"
"Where do I even begin? At birth?" Burton halfheartedly laughs.
"So begin there." Sophie encourages.
"I can't right now. I've got to get to the bottom of this before you or anyone else gets hurt." Burton quickly kisses Sophie and runs off.
"Burton! Wait! I'm coming with!"
"No! Stay here." Burton runs off faster than Sophie can keep up.

Burton signs into the visiting room and waits for Mack.

Mack approaches the visitation window. "Well look what the cat dragged in..."
"Mack, good to see you too." Burton stays straight-faced.
"What do you want, Burton."
"I want to know what you know about Moss."
"So it is finally happening. The battle of the brothers."
"There isn't going to be a battle."
"You should have never left the family business, Burt."
"I needed to."
"Was it worth it? He's gonna destroy you. All that you've worked so hard for. Gone."
"That isn't going to happen."
"Where's Sophie?"
"How do you know about her?"
"Just because I'm in here doesn't mean that I'm done knowing things."
"She's safe."
"You sure about that?" Mack smiles mischievously.
"I'm just saying, Burton, you shouldn't have left her alone..."
Burton leaves immediately, hurrying back to Sophie as quickly as he can, but it is too late. She is already gone.

What happened to Sophie? What is Burton going to do? What is Moss' evil plan? Can Burton foil Moss' plan before it is too late?

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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