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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode One: A Lover's Triangle

Episode One: A Lover's Triangle

Elsa wanted to surprise Ruger, but little did she know that she was going to be the one getting the surprise!

Just as Elsa was approaching where Ruger was hanging out, she was surprised to see him with another woman! Elsa, full of shock and adrenaline, decided to confront Ruger and this mystery woman in purple bows.

"Ruger!" Elsa shouted at him.
"Elsa! I can explain!" Ruger said.
"Oh! I don't think I need an explanation! This picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS!"
"Umm...Ruger, who is this?" Chevy asked confused.
"Who am I?! WHO?! AM?! I?!" Elsa huffed.
"Listen Else...Chevy..."
"Who is Chevy?" Elsa asked glaring at Chevy.
"I am! Who are you?" Chevy snapped back.
"Ladies, I can explain!" Ruger stepped in between the two.

"Ruger, what is going on here?" Chevy asked.
"Um, you do NOT get to ask questions right now." Elsa snapped.
"Elsa, please just let me explain..." Ruger begged Elsa. 
"It's VERY clear to me what's going on here and it doesn't need to be explained to me. Clearly you WEREN'T taking our relationship seriously..."
"RELATIONSHIP?!" Chevy interrupted.
Ruger took a deep sigh. He stood perplexed between his two women.
"Are you choosing her over me?" Elsa asked, trying to stay composed.

"I can't, Ruger...I can't do this again!" Chevy cried as she ran away.
"Chevy! Wait! Please!" Ruger shouted as he ran after her.
Elsa stood by herself. Devastated. Her heart broken into a million pieces. Ruger chose Chevy, or was Chevy always  his first choice? Elsa had so many unanswered questions. Who was Chevy? How long has she been his? How long had she been sharing Ruger? Even though she pushed Ruger away all she wanted was for Ruger to come back to her and explain everything to her, to work it out. They could work it out, couldn't they? But he chose Chevy...

Are things between Ruger and Elsa really over? Who really is the OTHER woman?!

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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