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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

DayStar of the YEAR for 2016 ~ Rudy Pallante

DayStar of the Year 2016 ~ Rudy Pallante

There were a couple names written down on the voting sheet, but as soon as his name was written down it was all over, he became a sure win for the DayStar of the Year for 2016! His competition did not stand a chance!

Our DayStar of the Year for 2016 is a big boy with an even bigger heart! He is sweet and kind and well-behaved! Rudy Pallante has been coming to the Ranch since March of 2007 at just six months old or so! Always a regular in Daycare and Boarding, we’ve had the great honor of watching Rudy grow into the handsome and intelligent (young) man that he is today. Now ten years old and white in the face, Rudy still has the same love and excitement (if not more) for Dog Star Ranch as he did when he first started coming as a pup!

As an original member of the Dog Gone Waggin’ Club, Rudy knows what is up when his bus driver Diane comes rolling down his drive! His excitement is uncontrollable as he runs circles around the bus when she gets out to open the door for him. And when she calls him to the door, his whole butt gets in on the tail waggin’ excitement. Rudy does not consider himself to be a backseat driver, but he does like to poke his nose at Diane while she is driving down the road. Not to criticize her, but to be like “Hey, hey hi, Diane. Good morning. Pet my head?” And being the gentleman that he is, he always gives Diane kisses as a way to show his thanks!

Rudy Patootie has a list of activities that he loves to do at Dog Star. Just to name a few are: riding the bus, going for runs, playing in the troughs (in summer), romping through the snow (in winter), slobbering on his sister, wrestling with his sister, playing with his other bus fur-friends, visiting his groomers for a spa day, getting treats for being adorable…just to name a few.

Rudy, you are the Golden apple of our eye! From 2007 to now and as we go into the new year, you can bet your waggin’ tail that we will always love having you as a beloved fur-friend here at Dog Star Ranch <3 o:p="">

We are very happy to share that Rudy Pallante is the DayStar of the Year for 2016! Rudy, we love you and love having you as a part of our furry large Dog Star family! Congratulations!


Your DSR Family <3 o:p="">

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