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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

DayStar of the Month for December 2016 ~ Freddie Reid

DayStar of the Month for December 2016 ~ Freddie Reid

The name Freddie is a German name meaning peaceful ruler; and that name could not possibly fit our sweet Freddie more perfectly!

When we first met Freddie in May of 2015 he was reserved, calm and super sweet. But when Freddie started coming to Dog Star Ranch for Daycare soon after his temperament test, he became way more outgoing and energetic!

Some of Freddie’s favorite things to do while at the Ranch include:

-        Getting out to the parks to run and play with his fur-friends
-        The summertime when he and his fur-friends can venture to the pond
-        Visiting his groomers (especially after playing in mud all day)
-        Working with his pal Tyler on his training (gotta educate that brain)
-        And definitely riding the bus with Diane
-        Also, butt scratches and tummy rubs

This is Freddie’s day in a nutshell. When the Dog Gone Waggin’ rolls up, he gets very excited to see his fur-friends, but also slightly indecisive because wait…home is fun too, but Dog Star…home…Dog Star…home…Dog Star… He always chooses Dog Star in the end because he knows that after a day of play at Dog Star he will come home to supper and snuggles! And after he has had his fun at Dog Star it is always a struggle for him to decide whether he wants to go home or not. Home…Dog Star…home…Dog Star…home! What a goof!

Freddie is a self-proclaimed co-pilot on the Dog Gone Waggin’. He much prefers to ride shotgun next to Diane because how else would he be able to properly protect the bus from lurking squirrels! And every now and then, Freddie likes to reach out his paw and hold Diane’s hand. I mean come on! What a sweetheart!

And when Freddie’s love is not focused on Diane, he has it focused on the gorgeous and spunky Macy <3 o:p="">

Freddie claims that Macy is the love of his life. Where they planted the seed of friendship, love bloomed!

Freddie is always full of spunk when he arrives to Dog Star. He cannot wait to get out and go find all his other fur-friends! One of Freddie’s best fur-friends is Brody H.! Freddie and Brody always know how to have a good time; both on the bus and off!

Freddie, you are a hoot to be around! You always know how to make us laugh! You are an absolute sweetheart and are such a gentleman! We are so happy to have you as a part of our Dog Star Ranch fur-family!

Congratulations on being unanimously voted for DayStar of the Month for December 2016! We love you!


Your DSR Family

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