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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. -Andy Goldsworthy

Monday, January 30, 2017

And That Is A (Almost) Wrap

Whelp! Although the New Year feels as if it were starting just yesterday, just one more day and we've already got January in the books! I have kept zero of my New Year's Resolutions (not that I had any to keep to begin with)! With the weird week of warm weather that we had I'm hoping that spring comes early because I'm eager to check out this pond that everybody keeps barking about but our Star Buddies won't let us go to because it is "winter..."

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Friday, January 27, 2017

A Tail of Two Brittany's

This is the tail of two Brittany's. First there was Rory and then there was Abbey if you want to be particular as to who came first, but order does not particularly matter to either of them.

When it comes to run and chase first it is Rory, then it is Abbey, then it is Rory, then it is Abbey, and so on and so forth.

Rory is quicker.

Abbey is bigger.

Rory is lighter.

Abbey is darker.

Rory is Rory.

Abbey is Abbey.

But they much prefer to be Rory and Abbey chasing each other in the park.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode Three: Escape!

In case you missed it:
Last week's episode ("Doppelganger") was filled with mischief! Moss the notorious Casanova began to unfold his evil master plan, targeting none other than the handsome and dashing Burton, who as we come to find out has a dark and secret past! Burton's beloved Sophie finds an envelope containing Burton's past, some fabricated in order to frame him and quickly goes to find him and confront him. The episode ends with Burton rushing off to stop Moss' evil plan, leaving Sophie behind where she is kidnapped by Moss' men!

What happened to Sophie? What is Burton going to do? What is Moss' evil plan? Can Burton foil Moss' plan before it is too late?

Moss' men quickly realized that Sophie was no ordinary lady, and that she was definitely NOT the type to be a damsel in distress! Within hours Sophie had fought her way away from Moss' men and was on the run back to Burton...if only she knew where she was and how to get to...where?

As she was trying to retrace her steps: left, right, left, straight, straight, straight, left, right, curve, straight, straight, left, straight...she bumped into none other than Mack!

"You?" Mack said with shock.
"Me?" Sophie asked.
"You're Burton's girl."
"I'm Sophie, yes."
"You are suppose to be..."
"Kidnapped? Yeah, that Moss guy underestimated me."
"That he did."
"What do you know?" Sophie took a step forward, Mack took a step back.
"I got nothin' to say."
"Oh, but I think you do. And if you don't want to wind up like those clowns back there, you'll talk." Another step forward, another step back.
"I'm not scared of you..." Mack said hesitantly.
"Weird because I swear I smelled fear, either that or you just farted."
Mack cracked a smile. "I like you."
"So lets talk."

Mack joined Sophie on her way back to Burton not because he wanted to, but because his life would be better with Sophie and Burton versus Moss, especially after willingly leaving with the escapee.

But instead of going back to Burton, Mack took Sophie to see someone else. Someone who could tell Sophie about Burton's past. Someone who could help save Burton's future. They call him Big Papa.

What will Sophie find out about Burton's past? Will she be able to help Burton with her newfound information? And will she be able to get to Burton in time to stop him from doing something foolish?!

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Dog Lives On the Sofa

My Dog Lives On the Sofa

My dog lives on the sofa.
That’s where he wants to be.
He likes to sit there night and day
and watch what’s on TV.
He surfs the channels constantly
by chewing the remote,
then watches what he wants to watch;
I never get a vote.
He’s fond of films with animals.
He takes in nature shows.
Whenever cat cartoons come on
he always watches those.
He loves the pet commercials too,
and anything with food.
Whenever there’s a tennis match
he nearly comes unglued.
I got him from the dog pound.
He didn’t cost a cent.
I asked them for a “watch dog,”
but this isn’t what I meant.
 --Kenn Nesbitt

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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Weekend Report!

If you didn't know it was January you would almost think that it was spring already! We will soak up this nice weather as much as we can before Michigan decides to send us more cold, snowy days!

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Mochi: I'm just gonna...yup...right here...perfect spot for a room on the couch, no problem...

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer!

Dog Star Ranch: taking both attractive and unattractive pictures of your dogs since 2004!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday = Dog of the DAY!

Based on the hilariousness of the video taken today of Bear playing fetch with his Star Buddy, it was a no-brainer to choose him as the Dog of the Day! It is always a hoot-and-a-half to play fetch with Bear because he has SO MUCH enthusiasm for the sport! We'd like to give Bear a big thanks for all the fun and all the smiles that he gives us here at Dog Star Ranch!

Keep on doing you, Bear!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode Two: Doppelganger

In case you missed it:
Last week's episode ("A Lover's Triangle") was filled with betrayal! Elsa was caught off guard when she found Ruger with another woman! Chevy, the other woman, had no idea about Elsa! Are things between Ruger and Elsa really over? Who really is the OTHER woman!? If you missed it be sure to check it out in the previous blog post Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode One: A Lover's Triangle!

Episode Two: Doppelganger

Moss is a notorious Casanova known more for breaking hearts than mending them. He is a sinister man with a sinister plan for revenge! Years in the making, Moss has calculated each and every movement to the exact date and time! But who could Moss be out to destroy? What is his motive?

We first meet Moss in the middle of a phone conversation. "Yes. He is here. I saw him. No, he didn't see me. Yes. I saw her. Yes. Yes. It's going exactly as planned. Yes. No. No. Yes. Just stick to the plan. Ok. Bye."

"Alright, Sampson, you know what you have to do." Moss says to Sampson.
"On it, boss." Sampson says as he walks away.

Sampson walks over to Sophie and discretely places the envelope with incriminating "evidence" of Burton in plain sight where she will find it. As Sampson leaves, he makes a quick knock before disappearing.

Sophie turns around, notices the envelope, picks it up and looks around to see who dropped it. She turns it over in her paws and in big, bold, black letters is Sophie's name. She opens up the envelope, looks at the contents inside and immediately drops it all on the ground! Without a care she quickly runs to find Burton.

Burton sees Sophie running to him and he runs the rest of the way to meet her.
Out of breath Sophie tries to get out what she wants to say. "Burt....Burton...Burton...someone...someone is...someone is trying..."
"What is it? Calm down. Breathe." Burton says, urging her to sit.
Sophie takes a moment to collect herself. "Someone is trying to frame you."
"What?!" Burton asks, confused.
"I got an envelope with pictures and emails and phone logs..."
"From who?!"
"I don't know! I don't know! They just appeared!"
"An envelope with that kind of stuff doesn't just appear!"
"I didn't see, okay!!"
"Are you sure?!"
"YES! I'm sure! I heard a knock, turned around and it was there! Nobody else. Just the envelope."
"You don't believe any of it, do you?"
"If I did we would be having a different conversation! Should I believe it?"
"Not all of it..."
"I know that you have a past that I've never forced you to talk about, but I think now maybe I should know!"
"I can't risk it, Sophie...I never wanted you to get in the middle of this..."
"Get in the middle of what?! I don't know what is going on!"
"It's too much and the more you know the worse it will get for you."
"Burton, tell me..."
"I use to do some shady stuff, some of what you got is probably records from my past. I've changed though. I'm better because of you."
"Whatever it is..."
"My brother."
"You have a brother?"
"Twin actually."
"What happened?"
"Where do I even begin? At birth?" Burton halfheartedly laughs.
"So begin there." Sophie encourages.
"I can't right now. I've got to get to the bottom of this before you or anyone else gets hurt." Burton quickly kisses Sophie and runs off.
"Burton! Wait! I'm coming with!"
"No! Stay here." Burton runs off faster than Sophie can keep up.

Burton signs into the visiting room and waits for Mack.

Mack approaches the visitation window. "Well look what the cat dragged in..."
"Mack, good to see you too." Burton stays straight-faced.
"What do you want, Burton."
"I want to know what you know about Moss."
"So it is finally happening. The battle of the brothers."
"There isn't going to be a battle."
"You should have never left the family business, Burt."
"I needed to."
"Was it worth it? He's gonna destroy you. All that you've worked so hard for. Gone."
"That isn't going to happen."
"Where's Sophie?"
"How do you know about her?"
"Just because I'm in here doesn't mean that I'm done knowing things."
"She's safe."
"You sure about that?" Mack smiles mischievously.
"I'm just saying, Burton, you shouldn't have left her alone..."
Burton leaves immediately, hurrying back to Sophie as quickly as he can, but it is too late. She is already gone.

What happened to Sophie? What is Burton going to do? What is Moss' evil plan? Can Burton foil Moss' plan before it is too late?

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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The Weekend Report!

Anchorwoman Princess: Good afternoon! Thank you for joining Dog Star Ranch's Weekend Report! We've got a lot of really great stuff to share with you!
We have Jed and Vlad with Sports!
Slugo with the Weather!
Hope with our Boarding Report!
And Rori with our Daycare Report!
So now to you Jed and Vlad with Sports!

Jed: Thank you, Princess!
Vlad: Today is Sports lets talk about Sticks!
Jed: Thanks to the recent weather we've had, Sticks has become a very popular sport among pups of all ages in the parks!
Vlad: It is a really easy game to get into!
Jed: All you've got to do is pick up sticks!
Vlad: There are many ways to play it too, like how fast you can chew it to pieces!
Jed: Or how many times you can run around with it in your mouth without it getting stolen..
Vlad: Or without dropping it!
Jed: Yes, that too! You can also play fetch with sticks.
Vlad: You can also see how many you can fit in your mouth.
Jed: Sticks is a great game to play!
Vlad: Now to Slugo with the Weather! What's it lookin' like, Slug?

Slugo: This picture was submitted by a Star Buddy from over the weekend! As you can see with the temperature fluctuating between warm and cold, we went from liquid to solid!

Slugo: On Saturday it was mostly cloudy. It was a high of 51° with a low of 0°. Sunday was fair with a high of 57° and a low of -11°! Can you say burrrr!!? Monday was rainy, rainy, rainy...with a high of 59° and a low of -9°. Today consisted of more showers and there were multiple school closings! Thank goodness Dog Star never closes! For the rest of the week we can look forward to cloudy, sunny, showers, and cloudy again with temperatures estimated to be in the 40's. All I have to say is hey Michigan, make up your mind! Now to Hope with the Boarding Report!

Hope: Thank you! We had a few first-time boarders with us this weekend! Ike, who is still currently boarding with us. He is here with his brother Jefferson; and leaving us today were Vienna and Lady! We asked Vienna and Lady what their favorite part of their stay was and they said that it was coming up front to hang out with the Office Ladies and receive treats! Treats are my favorite part too! Ike says that his favorite part of staying at Dog Star Ranch are playing with his Star Buddies and his group of fur-friends! I can say that running around in the parks in one of my favorite parts too!

Rori: It's always great when first-time boarders have an excellent time! Good afternoon! Rori here with the Daycare Report! I would like to introduce our newest Daycare Buddy who had their first day of daycare on Monday! Mister Haven is a young German Shepherd who enjoyed his day playing with Sophia the Golden! Let's go to Haven and ask him how his first day was!

Rori: Haven, what did you think of the Ranch when you first walked in?
Haven: I was like WHOA!
Rori: You aren't the first one to have that reaction! Were you nervous at first?
Haven: Oh, yeah, I had no idea what was going on or what I would be doing!
Rori: But clearly you warmed up after a bit...
Haven: Oh, yeah, everyone was so nice to me and they made me feel very welcome.
Rori: You went for a run with Sophia, is that correct?
Haven: Yes, Sophia is great! She is amazing!
Rori: Thank you, Haven! We look forward to seeing more of you in daycare!
Haven: Thank you!
Rori: Back to you Princess!

Princess: Thank you, Rori! And welcome to Dog Star Ranch, Haven! So there you have it! That is The Weekend Report! We hope that you've enjoyed it! We will leave you with this short poem for today:

January showers
melted snow
flooded yards
sketchy roads
icy conditions
closed schools
Dog Star Ranch
missing all its
fur-friends who
stayed home
all snuggled up
with their hoomans

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Smells Like Friday

"Behind every great dog is another dog sniffing." - Anonymous

This quote could not be any more true to this picture!

We hope everyone had a happy Friday and we hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Master of Disguise

I am
the Master of Disguise
I am the bee's knees
when it comes to
hiding who I am

Just when you think
you know me
I become someone

I could be a dog...


a woman...

or a rainbow!

I am
the Master of Disguise
you will never know
who I really am!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday = Dog of the DAY!

This boy of course had to be picked for dog of the day! Ever since he started coming to Dog Star he just keeps getting more and more comfortable around the other pups and the staff! He now gets so excited to see his human friends that he expresses with one big bark that takes over his whole body adorably (so of course we have to stop what we are doing and love on his cute little face)! We love you Newt!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dog Star Ranch presents Te Amo Mi Amor: Episode One: A Lover's Triangle

Episode One: A Lover's Triangle

Elsa wanted to surprise Ruger, but little did she know that she was going to be the one getting the surprise!

Just as Elsa was approaching where Ruger was hanging out, she was surprised to see him with another woman! Elsa, full of shock and adrenaline, decided to confront Ruger and this mystery woman in purple bows.

"Ruger!" Elsa shouted at him.
"Elsa! I can explain!" Ruger said.
"Oh! I don't think I need an explanation! This picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS!"
"Umm...Ruger, who is this?" Chevy asked confused.
"Who am I?! WHO?! AM?! I?!" Elsa huffed.
"Listen Else...Chevy..."
"Who is Chevy?" Elsa asked glaring at Chevy.
"I am! Who are you?" Chevy snapped back.
"Ladies, I can explain!" Ruger stepped in between the two.

"Ruger, what is going on here?" Chevy asked.
"Um, you do NOT get to ask questions right now." Elsa snapped.
"Elsa, please just let me explain..." Ruger begged Elsa. 
"It's VERY clear to me what's going on here and it doesn't need to be explained to me. Clearly you WEREN'T taking our relationship seriously..."
"RELATIONSHIP?!" Chevy interrupted.
Ruger took a deep sigh. He stood perplexed between his two women.
"Are you choosing her over me?" Elsa asked, trying to stay composed.

"I can't, Ruger...I can't do this again!" Chevy cried as she ran away.
"Chevy! Wait! Please!" Ruger shouted as he ran after her.
Elsa stood by herself. Devastated. Her heart broken into a million pieces. Ruger chose Chevy, or was Chevy always  his first choice? Elsa had so many unanswered questions. Who was Chevy? How long has she been his? How long had she been sharing Ruger? Even though she pushed Ruger away all she wanted was for Ruger to come back to her and explain everything to her, to work it out. They could work it out, couldn't they? But he chose Chevy...

Are things between Ruger and Elsa really over? Who really is the OTHER woman?!

Stay tuned next week for more of this juicy saga!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Weekend Report

And up next we have Minnie with our Weekend Report!

Minnie: Good evening! Brr! It sure has been a cold winter!

On Saturday we had a recorded low of -11°F;
Sunday a recorded low of -3°F;
And today a recorded low of -8°F

We reached a high of 58°F on Saturday;
A high of 55°F on Sunday;
And a high of 48°F today

But it sure didn't feel all that warm!

Much of the weekend was spent with quick potty breaks outside and fun, fun, fun in the arena where it was warm!

And now to Benson in the arena!

Benson: Thank you Minnie!

The arena is a popular option among the little dogs! Not only does it keep us out of the snow, but it allows us to get out and play like the rest of the bigger, fluffier fur-friends who are more likely built for winter weather and actually enjoy playing in the snow!

And now to Liam out in the park!

Liam: Love your jacket, Benson! Unlike Benson, I don't need a coat because I have more fur! And also unlike Benson, I love the snow! My bigger and more active friends, as well as myself enjoyed running and playing in the snow! It's great exercise that really helps get the blood pumping! 

With the temperatures as they were this weekend, we rotated between outside and inside time to make sure that we were staying warm while still being able to go out and play!

Back to you Minnie with the weather!

Minnie: Thank you Liam! Well, if you were hoping for warmer weather in the upcoming days, don't! Tomorrow calls for rain, snow, and wind. You will be looking forward to rain and snow in the morning, turning to mostly rain in the afternoon, with a high of 42°F.

Everyone had a happy weekend and be sure to check out all the pictures from the weekend and today by clicking on the link below!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Follow the Leader

Follow the leader
through the snow
Follow the leader
in the black coat
Follow the leader
around the park
Follow the leader
back inside
Follow the leader
to the couch
Follow the leader
and take a nap
Follow the leader
and beg for snacks
Follow the leader
and go back home

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just Chill

When outside is 9 degrees
But feels like -5
Snow showers paint the ground
Whiteout conditions leave us blind

With today's freezing temperature and whiteout conditions we played in the arena where we stayed warm!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Time Blues

When the wind blows
and the snow twirls
as the temperature bites
at open patches of skin
chilled to the bone
we begrudgingly surrender
to the inside

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DayStar of the Month for December 2016 ~ Freddie Reid

DayStar of the Month for December 2016 ~ Freddie Reid

The name Freddie is a German name meaning peaceful ruler; and that name could not possibly fit our sweet Freddie more perfectly!

When we first met Freddie in May of 2015 he was reserved, calm and super sweet. But when Freddie started coming to Dog Star Ranch for Daycare soon after his temperament test, he became way more outgoing and energetic!

Some of Freddie’s favorite things to do while at the Ranch include:

-        Getting out to the parks to run and play with his fur-friends
-        The summertime when he and his fur-friends can venture to the pond
-        Visiting his groomers (especially after playing in mud all day)
-        Working with his pal Tyler on his training (gotta educate that brain)
-        And definitely riding the bus with Diane
-        Also, butt scratches and tummy rubs

This is Freddie’s day in a nutshell. When the Dog Gone Waggin’ rolls up, he gets very excited to see his fur-friends, but also slightly indecisive because wait…home is fun too, but Dog Star…home…Dog Star…home…Dog Star… He always chooses Dog Star in the end because he knows that after a day of play at Dog Star he will come home to supper and snuggles! And after he has had his fun at Dog Star it is always a struggle for him to decide whether he wants to go home or not. Home…Dog Star…home…Dog Star…home! What a goof!

Freddie is a self-proclaimed co-pilot on the Dog Gone Waggin’. He much prefers to ride shotgun next to Diane because how else would he be able to properly protect the bus from lurking squirrels! And every now and then, Freddie likes to reach out his paw and hold Diane’s hand. I mean come on! What a sweetheart!

And when Freddie’s love is not focused on Diane, he has it focused on the gorgeous and spunky Macy <3 o:p="">

Freddie claims that Macy is the love of his life. Where they planted the seed of friendship, love bloomed!

Freddie is always full of spunk when he arrives to Dog Star. He cannot wait to get out and go find all his other fur-friends! One of Freddie’s best fur-friends is Brody H.! Freddie and Brody always know how to have a good time; both on the bus and off!

Freddie, you are a hoot to be around! You always know how to make us laugh! You are an absolute sweetheart and are such a gentleman! We are so happy to have you as a part of our Dog Star Ranch fur-family!

Congratulations on being unanimously voted for DayStar of the Month for December 2016! We love you!


Your DSR Family

DayStar of the YEAR for 2016 ~ Rudy Pallante

DayStar of the Year 2016 ~ Rudy Pallante

There were a couple names written down on the voting sheet, but as soon as his name was written down it was all over, he became a sure win for the DayStar of the Year for 2016! His competition did not stand a chance!

Our DayStar of the Year for 2016 is a big boy with an even bigger heart! He is sweet and kind and well-behaved! Rudy Pallante has been coming to the Ranch since March of 2007 at just six months old or so! Always a regular in Daycare and Boarding, we’ve had the great honor of watching Rudy grow into the handsome and intelligent (young) man that he is today. Now ten years old and white in the face, Rudy still has the same love and excitement (if not more) for Dog Star Ranch as he did when he first started coming as a pup!

As an original member of the Dog Gone Waggin’ Club, Rudy knows what is up when his bus driver Diane comes rolling down his drive! His excitement is uncontrollable as he runs circles around the bus when she gets out to open the door for him. And when she calls him to the door, his whole butt gets in on the tail waggin’ excitement. Rudy does not consider himself to be a backseat driver, but he does like to poke his nose at Diane while she is driving down the road. Not to criticize her, but to be like “Hey, hey hi, Diane. Good morning. Pet my head?” And being the gentleman that he is, he always gives Diane kisses as a way to show his thanks!

Rudy Patootie has a list of activities that he loves to do at Dog Star. Just to name a few are: riding the bus, going for runs, playing in the troughs (in summer), romping through the snow (in winter), slobbering on his sister, wrestling with his sister, playing with his other bus fur-friends, visiting his groomers for a spa day, getting treats for being adorable…just to name a few.

Rudy, you are the Golden apple of our eye! From 2007 to now and as we go into the new year, you can bet your waggin’ tail that we will always love having you as a beloved fur-friend here at Dog Star Ranch <3 o:p="">

We are very happy to share that Rudy Pallante is the DayStar of the Year for 2016! Rudy, we love you and love having you as a part of our furry large Dog Star family! Congratulations!


Your DSR Family <3 o:p="">