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Friday, November 18, 2016

Maggie the Road Block

With my tummy grumbling I set aside my work and excitedly got up to grab my lunch. As I turned the knob of the door to Pup Paradise, it immediately clicked back shut. Dumbfounded, I tried again only to be met with resistance. Confused, I tried one more time to push the door open only to have it shut back in my face. I peeked through the window to see the sweet face of Maggie S. down below looking back up at me. I begged for sweet Maggie to move so that I could open the door, but she merely continued to stare back up at me. I continued to beg for her to move so that I could open the door, but she remained a road block in my way. I tried several more times to push the door open in hopes that she would get annoyed at my pushing and move, but she refused! Stubborn as an Ox! Well, so am I! I was not going to let Maggie win. I simply could not let her win!

...I let her win and took a detour to the kitchen.

Maggie may have won the first round, but I was determined to win the second round (I told you I was stubborn too)! With my lunch in hand, I was determined to make her move from the door. I grabbed the knob to pull open the door and very politely asked Maggie to move. Nothing. She didn't budge an inch. I asked her to please move again. Nothing. She just stared at me, the look in her eye telling me that she was NOT going to move.

If being polite wasn't going to work, then fine! I was going to be "rude"! I tried to nudge my foot between Maggie's butt and the door. Nothing. Poke poke poke with my foot and a Maggie please move! Nothing. Maaaaaggie! Come on! Please move! Nothing. In my best teacher voice even Maggie PLEASE move. Nothing. So I said Fine, Maggie! Be that way.

Although I was determined to win, Maggie beat me again! That sweet face told me no, and as I walked back towards the kitchen, I looked back at her sad-eyed, she ignored me staring back at the door.

I still love you, Maggie...even if you didn't move for me <3 p="">
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