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Friday, October 14, 2016

Duke: This week has been...exhausting! I'm so happy that it is finally Friday!
Maddie: Duke, what are you talking about? What have you done this week that has been SO HARD?
Duke: everything?
Maddie: Like eating, taking naps, finding the best spot to poop, and marking?
Duke: You just don't understand, Maddie.
Maddie: Yeah...okay Duke.
Duke: You're the PRINCESS! You don't have to do anything!
Maddie: I have to babysit your butt!
Duke: Nuh-uh!
Maddie: Not what Dad says.
Duke: Liar!
Maddie: I'm older and more mature.
Duke: You're a meany!
Maddie: My point exactly.
Duke: I'm just excited for the weekend!
Maddie: Do you even know the difference between weekdays and weekends?
Duke: No...
Maddie: Oh brother.
Duke: Oh sister.

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