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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We start in the middle of a story, a story you know well...The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, with mischief galore, about a boy and girl left home alone with nothing to do until a peculiar friend appeared at their door, the Cat in the Hat brought with him some games, but there is one in particular that I would like to recite:

...and then he ran out.
and, then, fast as a fox,
the cat in the hat
came back in with a box.
A big red wood box.
It was shut with a hook.
'Now look at this trick,'
said the cat.
'Take a look!'

Then he got up on top
with a tip of his hat.
'I call this game fun-in-a-box,'
said the cat.
'In this box are two things
I will show to you now.
You will like these two things,'
said the cat with a bow.

'I will pick up the hook.
You will see something new.
Two things. And I call them
Thing One and Thing Two.
These Things will not bite you.
They want to have fun.'
Then, out of the box
came Thing Two and Thing One!
And they ran to us fast.
They said, 'How do you do?
Would you like to shake hands
with Thing One and Thing Two?'

Here at Dog Star Ranch we have our own Thing One and Thing Two, Jed and Vladamir (Laddy)! Not nearly as mischievous or devious as Thing One and Thing Two, but much like the Things Jed and Vlad won't bite! No, no, they want to have fun! They want to run fast! They want to say "How do you do?" They want to lick your hand and play fetch all day!

But much like Thing One and Thing Two, Jed and Laddy are nearly identical! You've got to be extra careful in deciphering who is who! But we love these two boys! When they visit Dog Star, they are always a hoot!

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