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Thursday, June 9, 2016

So, as you all know, I am the voice behind the blog, and if I have said this before and am repeating myself, I apologize, but I attended Central Michigan University, graduating with a degree in English: Creative Writing, but what you might not know! I also graduated with a Minor in History (because I'm a nerd). So whenever anyone comes in with a dog who has a historical name, I nerd out a little bit (just ask my coworkers). So when I met Leonidas, obviously I nerded out because hello...Leonidas!

How many people know who Leonidas is?! If you don't, that is okay because me being the nerd that I am, I'm going to tell you about him!

Leonidas was the Greek warrior King of Sparta (that is a pretty awesome title). And Ancient Greece was made up of several hundred city-states, of which (obviously) Athens and Leonidas' Sparta were the largest and most powerful. I could tell you more fun facts about Sparta, but I'm trying really hard to focus on Leonidas, so anyways, Leonidas was King of Sparta and Sparta was super awesome.

But then you have the Persians, who tried once before to gain control over Greece, but failed (because the city-states know how to stick together and were able to fend them off and push them away), but then when Xerxes took over as the King of Persia, he decided that he was going to try and gain control over Greece...again. So here you have Xerxes launching an invasion against Greece and then you have Leonidas who is like "" (not an actual quote from history). The oracles told Leonidas that he would either lose Sparta to Persia or his Spartan people would mourn Leonidas being a Spartan and Spartan's being awesome, he was like "Yeah, I'm going to lead my Spartan forces into this Second Persian War that Xerxes thinks he had to start" (can you imagine if they actually talked like this back in the BC).

So anyways, Leonidas was able to round up a few 1,000 soldiers to follow him into battle, but when things started to go south, Leonidas was like "Everyone else go back, my 300 Spartans and I will stay" (I'm paraphrasing). So Leonidas and his 300 Spartans stayed to fight...and although they lost the battle at Thermopylae, it was considered a heroic sacrifice.

So where am I going with this? Oh! Right! Leonidas. Leonidas, I like your name! And I like history, so I hope you enjoyed this fun fact session!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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