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Monday, June 13, 2016

Jazmine: what am I suppose to do on my first day of daycare...

Molly: I like to run, run, run REALLY REALLY fast! Like this! Watch me! Just like this!

Hugo: Look at how much taller I've gotten! I'm growing!

Grace: And of course it is always fun to tackle your fur-friends!

Hugo: Sometimes I get a little tired, so I lay down for a break. It's also fun to chew on sticks. Oh! A stick. Yum.

Jazmine: I think I'm starting to understand.

Grace: Hey, Moll, you wanna play follow the leader with us?

Hugo: Can I take a nap on you?
Jazmine: So what do you do all day in daycare, Hugo?
Hugo: I nap a lot.

Hugo: Come on Jaz, play with us!

Hugo: Whoa. You are super fast!

Grace: Daycare is really fun, Jazmine, you are going to love it! Especially because you are fur-friends with us! We are the best group to be fur-friends with!
Hugo: We are the most fun!
Grace: And the goofiest!
Hugo: And the most adorable!
Grace: I mean, come on, look at us!

Jazmine: I think you guys are right! I can get the hang of this whole daycare thing! It does seem like a lot of fun, and I did have a lot of fun with you guys! Hey! Wait up! I want to play chase too!
Hugo: Grace is it! Come on, Jazmine! Let's get her!

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