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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Office Lady: Show me your best puppy dog beg face!
Precious: Are you sure you ready for it?
Office Lady: I think I can handle it. I've seen a lot of puppy dog beg faces.
Precious: None likes mind!
Office Lady: Let me see!
*Precious does her puppy dog beg face*
Office Lady: OH MY GOODNESS! I'm meeeeelllllltttttting! I'm meeeeeellllltttttiiiiinnnnnngggg! I can't handle it! Omg. I can't handle!
Precious: See! I toad you I was cute!
Office Lady: You are very adorable!

To say that our Office Ladies fell completely head over heels for Miss Precious is an understatement. Not only did we fall head over heels, but we also melted into puddles! We couldn't help but shower her with hugs and kisses!! And she was sweet enough to give us kisses back! She gives the best kisses! For it being her first time boarding, she is rocking it like a pro! She has made several fur-friends just in her first day. She got some lap time up front with her Office Ladies! Today has been a great day for Miss Precious!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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