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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DayStar of the Month for May 2016 ~ Sophia Link

Our DayStar of the Month for May 2016 is no girly girl. She is rough and tough and knows how to get real dirty! She isn’t afraid of puddles and she loves to roll in the mud! She is a social butterfly and instantly becomes fur-friends with everyone she meets! We are very pleased to announce that our DayStar of the Month (anonymously voted) is Sophia Link!

When Sophia first visited Dog Star Ranch in October of 2015, she was friendly and full of energy! She was excited and eager to check out the Ranch and see what the Daycare Program was about. She had many puppy fur-friends to play with and as she grew, so did her group of fur-friends! Sophia is still just as friendly and full of energy as she was on day one! She loves coming to Daycare on a weekly basis, you’d think she would be tired of us, but nope! Sophia LOVES every day that she gets to spend here at Dog Star hanging out with her fur-friends, romping and playing all day! And Dad loves having a tired pup to cuddle up next to at the end of the day!

Some of Sophia’s favorite things to do at Daycare are: rolling in mud, splashing in puddles, swimming in the pond, chasing and being chased by her fur-friends, napping in the sun, wadding in the troughs, snoozing on the couches, visiting the groomers, and snuggling with her Star Buddies!

Sophia, we love ya! Congratulations on being anonymously voted for DayStar of the Month for May 2016! 

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