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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Tale of a Dog Who Really Wanted to Go to Daycare

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Murfee who loved visiting Dog Star Ranch so much so that he plotted a way to get himself to the Ranch for Daycare without his Mom knowing.

It was a gorgeous Friday morning and Murfee's Mom was leaving to go to work at Dog Star, as she passed Murfee and his "brother" Gilligan in the garage, she said goodbye to both of them and got in her car to leave. As she was pulling away, she remembered that she had forgotten something in the house, rushing, she pulled back up to the house, opened her door and ran into the house to grab her forgotten item. When she came back through the garage, only Gilligan was there, assuming Murfee had ventured outside to the fenced in area, she said goodbye just to Gilligan and got back into her car and proceeded on her way to work. As she was driving away from the house, in her rear view mirror, up popped Murfee's head, his expression saying "Hi, Mom! I'm coming to work with you!" His Mom: shocked, surprised, and impressed, laughed at her smart boy for devising such an amazing escape agreed that "Okay, since you worked so hard at sneaking into the car, you are coming to Dog Star with me!"

And that is the tale of a dog who really wanted to go to Daycare!

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