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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Four Stages of the Weekend:

Friday: You watch the clock, each minute passing agonizingly slow, just waiting for the weekend to start. When your work time is up, you bounce as quickly as your legs can move and jump into your fun weekend plans.

Saturday: You ain't got no worries. What is work? Who cares! Responsibilities? Ain't got none until Sunday! Saturday is all about you time, to-do lists, and relaxing. You hope the weather is nice so you can get out and play in the sun!

Sunday: You procrastinate until the last minute on projects that are due Monday. You spend Sunday relaxing, finishing up to-do lists, relaxing some more, napping, avoiding responsibilities until you realize it is getting late and Oh, is Monday tomorrow, so you rush to finish those projects you started before you head off to bed.

Monday: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. You drink lots and lots and lots of coffee. You can't seem to find a matching pair of socks, you burn your toast, spill your juice, where is the dog's leash? You feel like you are rushing. More coffee. You are buzzing from all the coffee. All you want to do is nap, but you have responsibilities to take care of. And all you can think it the weekend yet?

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