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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DayStar of the Month for April 2016 ~ Bear Lilly

Our DayStar of the Month for April 2016 is a hero among dragons, a gentleman; he is adventurous and brave in the face of danger. He has battled evil and rescued damsels in distress.

Like a spring, he can launch himself into the air reaching great heights. And much like a Great White Shark rocketing out of the water and clutching a Seal in its jaws, our DayStar of the Month, with excellent precision and aim, rockets himself into the air and catches his tennis ball (or dragon) in his mouth. With his tail wagging and a skip in his step, he happily brings you (the Star Buddy) the ball or dragon back only to want you to throw the toy of his choice back up into the air so that he can run to retrieve it.

Our DayStar of the Month for April 2016 is of course BEAR LILLY! This handsome little bit of this, little bit of that Lab/Shepherd/Rottweiler mix is always full of energy, always super excited when his Mom brings him to Daycare, and he LOVES to play fetch. Bear also knows how to play soccer, kicking the tennis ball towards his Star Buddy, and he also knows how to dribble his tennis ball, bouncing it with his paw back up to his open mouth. It is really quite impressive!

Bear has been coming to the Ranch for Daycare for little over a year now, and he fell instantly in love! He fell quickly in love with all of his Star Buddies, the parks, the pond, and that his Star Buddies loved playing fetch just as much as he did!

Bear is a smart, well-mannered (if he really wants to be) young man! We love having him as a fur-friend here at the Ranch!

Congratulations, Bear, on being nominated as DayStar of the Month for April 2016! We love you!

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