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Monday, April 18, 2016

When this sweet-faced girl first walked through Dog Star Ranch's doors in July of 2015, she was just over three months old. With her sweet little face and her adorable puppy breath, our Staff immediately fell in love with her. She came in for her temperament test with her big sister, Minnie. And what could be more adorable than fur-sisters who looked almost identical! Belle was nervous at first, after all it was a big new world for her full of all sorts of smells and sounds, but she quickly warmed up once she realized how much fun Dog Star was!

Big sister Minnie and Belle started coming for Daycare. We were blessed with the opportunity to watch Belle grow into the young lady that she is today. And boy, does she look more and more like her big sister every day! Belle absolutely ADORES her big sister, these two are inseparable! Not only are their looks nearly identical, but how they move, it is as if Belle mirrors Minnie's every move.

It is hilarious watching Belle play fetch with her sister. There is nothing that Minnie and Belle love more than playing fetch! Although Belle doesn't necessarily "play" fetch. She stands behind Minnie in a mirrored ready position, and as soon as Minnie bolts for the ball, Belle is not far behind, but Minnie always gets the ball. When Belle is playing fetch with her sister, she always lets Minnie get the ball. Even when Belle gets to the ball first, she always lets Minnie retrieve it. Both Minnie and Belle are lightning fast! And they could run and play fetch for hours and hours and hours! Like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going, and going, and going!

Miss Belle, you are a very intelligent young lady! You are adorable and a joy to play with! We love having you as a fur-friend at the Ranch! We wish you the BIGGEST happy FIRST birthday ever!

Happy 1st birthday, Belle!

Your DSR Family

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