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Friday, April 8, 2016

Today is a BIG DAY! Boo turns a BIG NUMBER!

Boo was just a mere 6 months old when he first pitter-pattered his puppy paws through Dog Star Ranch’s door. We are so happy that we’ve had the pleasure to watch Boo grow from a young man to a handsome gentleman. It is hard to believe that today he turned TEN!

Remember when you became a big brother, Boo? You were two years old, and you weren’t too sure about having a little brother, but you were such a good big fur-brother and you took pride in being the best big fur-brother you could possibly be! When you realized how fun a little fur-brother could be, Barkley became your fur-ever best fur-friend. You two are inseparable!

You were an original bus boy, one of the first! You loved riding the bus with Pat, always sitting with your head next to him, him petting you all the way home.

You fell in love with the Ranch and the Ranch Staff just as quickly as we fell in love with you. You’ve made so many fur-friends along the way.

It is hard to believe that you are ten years old already, especially since you refuse to believe that you are getting older! You will forever be a puppy at heart!

Boo-Bear, we wish you the HAPPIEST of birthdays! You deserve a day filled with lots of treats, hugs, scratches, and cuddles!


Check out the link below for today's pictures!

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