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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Many Faces of Rori

If you were to look at this handsome face today, happy, ears flopping in the wind as he runs free and fast across the Star Buddy Park, you might not know that his life wasn't always this happy and carefree.

Rori first came to Dog Star Ranch when he was dropped off early in the morning, abandoned over the fence to our Small Dog Park. Neglected, he was all alone and afraid. It took us two days to catch him. Rori was unsure as to whether or not he could trust us, and we so desperately wanted him to so that we could help him.

Once rescued from the Small Dog Park, Rori was placed in the care of Pound Buddies where we hoped that he would find his furever home, which he did! In the loving care of the Johnson's (Maggie and Gandalf's Mom and Dad), Rori found out what it was like to be truly loved and cared for by someone. He had a family that wanted him, loved him, and cared for him.

But Rori wasn't out of the woods yet. He had his furever home, but it was also discovered that he had heartworm disease. Just when Rori thought that he was catching a break, he found himself facing yet another obstacle. But Rori was with a supportive family that was not going to give up on him, they were going to be there for him and do whatever it took for him to get healthy again. Rori started the rigorous heartworm treatment process. Slowly but surely he started to get healthy again. He was kept low-key while he recuperated, which with his energy level, it was hard to do, but he remained patient until he was completely healed.

This past month Rori had a lot to celebrate!!
1. He celebrated his ADOPTION DAY on March 26! He has been with his furever family for three years now...and many more to come!!
2. He celebrated his "birthday" on March 29! It is hard to say when Rori's actual birthday is, but the best part about being adopted is that he gets to choose his own birthday! So happy (slightly belated) birthday, Rori! He is now (according to our records) SIX years old!
3. On March 25, he celebrated being heartworm free for TWO years now! We are so happy that you are HEALTHY and HAPPY, Rori :)
4. And finally, Rori celebrated his Dog Star Anniversary on March 29! He has been coming to Dog Star Ranch for THREE years now! He enjoys working with his Trainer (he really enjoys learning and practicing his manners) and playing with his Star Buddies (going for walks outside and swimming at the pond in the summertime).

Rori's life story may not have started out so great, but thanks to his furever family, Rori was given a second chance to be loved the way he deserves and to be happy!

Rori would like to thank his Humans for loving him unconditionally, for caring for him, and for helping make him the HAPPY dog that he is today!

"Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!!" - Rori

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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