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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Primo: Do you smell what I smell?
Bella: No, what do you smell?!
Primo: Spring Break!
Bella: What does Spring Break smell like?!
Primo: Take a whiff!
Bella: Ew! No!
Primo: Not of that!
Bella: Oh...then what do you want me to take a whiff off?
Primo: Stick your nose high up in the air and take in all the smells!
Bella: MY NOSE IS OVERWHELMED! So many smells!
Primo: That is the smell of Spring Break!
Bella: I'm liking this vacation! Are you having fun?
Primo: Oh yeah, I'm going to smell that thing in the Star Buddy's hand.
Bella: Be careful.
Primo: It doesn't look dangerous.
Bella: What does it smell like?
Primo: Star Buddy.
Bella: What does it do?
Primo: She said something something picture.
Bella: Oh! I've heard of one of those.
Primo: Yeah, what is it called?
Bella: I dunno. Let's go explore over there!!
Primo: Okay! I'll meet you there! If that thing she is holding takes pictures, I want her to get my good side.

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