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Thursday, April 7, 2016

DayStar of the Month for March 2016 ~ Bowie O’Donnell

With his chiseled body, muscular strength, and charming smile, our DayStar of the Month is the Hercules of Dog Star Ranch. He is well-mannered, educated, and playful. Just last summer he was finally brave enough to venture into the pond and learn to swim. Who is our unanimously voted handsome DayStar of the Month?


Bowie O’Donnell!

It isn’t every day that you meet a Rhodesian Ridgeback as handsome as Bowie. These “lion hunters” are truly one-of-a-kind with their unique ridge of hair running along their backs in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat. So not only does Bowie have this distinguishing feature, he also has a one-of-a-kind personality as well!

We first met Bowie, a big-pawed floppy-eared adorable puppy tagging along behind his big sister Stella (rest her soul) for his first time boarding. His big sister showed him the ropes of the Ranch, taught him the in’s and out’s…tolerated his puppy play. As Bowie got old he was able to make his own fur-friends. He became pals with Hank the Dane and ran with the Stella’s.

A favorite story I have of Bowie is when he finally faced his fear and went into the pond. His fur-friend Emma the Dane was encouraging him to just try it, to at least dip his toes in, that it wouldn’t be so scary. But instead of slowly wading into the pond water, Bowie in a Hercules manner, jumped right in! Did he panic? Only slightly. Just as quickly as he had entered the pond, he was back out! It was a laugh! But then Bowie realized that it wasn’t so scary, and he was able to wade into the water with his fur-friends and enjoy how it refreshed him from the heat. Bowie always guarantees a smile and a laugh. He is a natural goofball.

Bowie, we love your special personality! We are so happy to have been able to watch you grow from puppy to handsome young intelligent (the list could go on) adult that you are!

Congratulations on being unanimously voted DayStar of the Month for March 2016!

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