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Friday, April 15, 2016

Daisy has always been a rambunctious young lady! Turning NINE certainly hasn't slowed her down! She is still just as springy as before! As a young lady she wanted to be best fur-friends with everyone! So it wasn't surprising to find her hopping from yard to yard to play with her different groups of fur-friends!

And although Daisy would like you to believe that she is a perfect angel (which she totally is!), but she was sometimes a wee bit of a troublemaker...Daisy? A troublemaker?! NEVER! But, yes, sometimes Daisy would eat Moms People Magazine, but Daisy's excuse for why she did it is because she just really wanted to digest what she was reading!

But really Daisy is a sweetheart! She is a very smart girl and it was really easy for Dad to train her! Although her Dad did say that she is a little dramatic when it comes to playing dead, but she can't help it! It has always been her dream to be an actress! So any chance that she gets to practice, she will! So when she is being overly dramatic when playing dead, she is just trying to make is super believable!

Daisy LOVES LOVES LOVES working with her Dad! She loves coming to work with him, playing in Daycare, helping Dad with temperament tests, and lounging around on the couches!

Another thing that Daisy LOVES to do is go swimming at the pond, but what she doesn't love is when her baby sister sharks her! And by that, we mean when her little sister, Bella, swims circles around Daisy while Daisy is trying to swim. Little sisters, gotta love them!

Daisy's (somewhat unfortunate) nickname that Dad has for her is Booger Head. Why? Well, because when Daisy was a puppy she had an eye booger on her head, and the name just stuck! But we also like to call Daisy Daisy-Roo for all the bouncing that she does :)

Happy birthday, Daisy! We hope you enjoyed being sung to and spoiled ALL day! We love you!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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