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Friday, March 18, 2016

This is a story of The Day That Nothing Interesting Happened
by Molly Strabbing

It was your typical Friday morning. The sound of dog food being poured into an empty food bowl perked up my senses, it's smell slowly wafting over to my still closed eyes, nose wiggling to the various smells of my humans morning routine. With the grumble of my stomach, I knew that I could sleep no longer. Awake, I scramble into the kitchen where I act as if my parents never feed me, I engulf my food. Squirmy to start my day, I follow mom around until she is ready to chauffeur me to my favorite place.

The drive is uneventful. It isn't until mom makes that last turn, and I know what the last turn is because I can feel it in my bones. My heart starts racing with excitement. I know. Dog Star Ranch.

The walk up is the same. I am excited, she is telling me to calm down. Are we going to go to the park? No? Daycare? Okay!

My Star Buddy greets me with a scratch behind the ears, my favorite place. She knows all of my favorite scratch spots. Mom hands over my special shampoo. That means I'm getting a bath today, which I'm okay with because afterwards I look, feel, and smell FABULOUS!

Outside the wind chills my Star Buddy, but I don't mind. Maybe if she had fur she wouldn't mind so much either, or the least she could do is put her coat on. Sophia greets me at the yard gate. She is my best fur-friend. We started coming at the same time. After I squeeze my way into the yard all my fur-friends settle down and we all play a little here, rest a little there.

The Star Buddy did something interesting. She took all my fur-friends and just left me and Sophia in the yard! What good, Star Buddy?! It didn't make sense. Why would she leave us behind?

Soon after my so-called Star Buddy left with all my fur-friends, our other Star Buddy came out with a new fur-friend! She is a Boxer puppy, just full of energy, her name is Yaya. (Ask me if we had fun? Yaya, we did! *laughs*) Yaya sure brought the fun to our yard, we instantly clicked!

It was even better when our Star Buddy took us out to the big park for our run. Yaya is fast, but I am faster.

But other than that, nothing interesting happened.

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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