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Thursday, March 10, 2016

There are several different approaches that I have to playing fetch with Bear. He is an expert at fetching, so I have to be an expert at throwing. Much of my skill is largely thanks to the wonderful hardworking Chuck-it, my fetching game would not be what it is without this nifty tool.

The first and most important step to Bear's fetch game is preparing him mentally. We achieve this task by having him sit and wait before opening his yard gate, and he cannot help but hop excitedly next to me because he spied the Chuck-it hiding behind my back. Next, he has to sit and wait at the gate to cross over to the Reserve Park where he has to sit and wait one last time before entering the park.

Once he is mentally prepared we are ready to play fetch.

My first approach to chucking the ball goes as follows:
- Stand feet together
- Right foot takes one step back
- Raise Chuck-it to ready position
- Simultaneously launch the ball while stepping right foot forward to give the ball a little more oomph

My second approach to chucking the ball goes as follows:
- Stand feet together
- Left foot takes one step forward, it is the anchor
- Standing sideways, raise Chuck-it to ready position
- As launching the ball, twist body forward with the throw

My third approach to chucking the ball goes as follows:
- Stand feet together
- Raise Chuck-it to ready position
- Launch the ball up, up, up

Sometimes I will throw grounders, but for the most part I like to give him really good pop flies because he really likes to catch them mid-air.

And how to tell when Bear is done playing fetch? He does exactly this...halfway between bringing the ball back to me he decides to tell me that he is done by laying down and just staring at me.

But really we could probably take a fifteen minute break and be right at it again. If I had a bionic arm Bear and I would play fetch literally all day. Literally.

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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