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Monday, March 14, 2016

In Memory of Sam Berus:

Dog Star Ranch would like to thank the Berus family for sharing Sammy's entire life with us; she will forever leave her imprint on Dog Star Ranch.

Sam started coming to the Ranch when she was just a spunky puppy with a bit of a tomboy side, she could play with anyone, whether it be a small dog for snuggling or a group of rough and tumble boys to play with out by the pond. The older that Sam got, and the more that Carol spoiled her, the more Sam's princess side started to show. She would greet the staff with a bark and scratch to the leg to let them know that it was time for her famous "lap-time." In the beginning Sam had trained Carol to understand the command for lap-time where Sam would jump on Carol's lap for back scratches, kisses and then finally a treat; Carol then showed any new staff member the Sammy lap-time command.

Sam was very good at letting everyone know, be it person or dog, that she was the proud owner of the Ranch and she got what she wanted. Always! Throughout the eleven years of Daycare, Sam has shown most of our puppies the ropes, made too many friends to count, trained staff members on the ways of dog language, and smiled her way into all of our hearts. A dog's life is much too short, but it does make us slow down and reflect when we lose one that was such a huge part of our lives and reminds us to cherish our canine companions.

"They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal." - Tom Hayden

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