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Friday, March 25, 2016

Enjoy this adorable picture of Bella with her happy face because she is at the pond!

Two days ago this special girl celebrated her SECOND birthday! It is hard to believe that our Miss Bella is now TWO years old. This silly girl is still such a puppy at heart! It's an understatement to say the least that she is always excited to come to Daycare! Miss Bella can't get enough! She started coming to hang out with us in July of 2015, and she instantly fell in love. She is always happy and that makes us always happy as well! She has such a contagious happy positive personality.

Her favorite thing to do (especially in the summer) is go to the POND! She is always the first of her fur-friends to make it into the pond! Because when Bella knows that she is going to the pond, she flies there at full speed ahead! It is definitely easy to tell that Bella is her happiest at the pond, jumping in and out of the water, chasing her fur-friends around, and just overall swimming!

Happy SECOND birthday, Bella! We owe you a trip to the pond once it gets warm enough again!

Our SECOND birthday celebration is actually the celebration of TWO very special best fur-friends!
Our sweet puppies (puppies no more) started coming to the Ranch around the same time. And their birthdays are only TWO WEEKS apart!

Sweet little Briar started coming to the Ranch in June of 2015 and our little miss Rory started coming in August of 2015! It was an instant best fur-friendship. We feel so blessed to have been able to watch these two adorable fur-friends grow from sweet puppies to lovely young ladies!

Briar's birthday was March 18th and Rory's birthday will be April 1st! Happy 1st birthdays Briar and Rory!!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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