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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DayStar of the Month ~ February 2016

DayStar of the Month for February 2016 ~ Ruger Sluis

Our DayStar of the Month for February 2016 is a sweet two-year-old boy who has been coming to the Ranch for Daycare since February 2015. What a unique coincidence! He has been coming to Dog Star Ranch for a year now, and he was unanimously voted DayStar of the Month!

Our DayStar of the Month is of course…RUGER SLUIS!

February sure was quite the month for you, huh, Ruger?! Where everything changed for the better for Mister Ruger! It was just a year ago that Ruger hesitantly walked through Dog Star Ranch’s doors. He was extremely shy at first and a little nervous as to where Mom and Dad were bringing him. Something something Dog Star something something Daycare something something It’ll be fun something something, but he wasn’t too sure. It was all so strange and new to him, he wanted to take his time warming up, and that was perfectly okay with us!

We were more than okay to take our time with Ruger because we wanted to make sure that he would be comfortable and have happy positive experiences when he would come for Daycare. So with a lot of love, patience, and treats, Ruger started to build up confidence and warm up to his Star Buddies and the Ranch!

We are so proud of Ruger and how far he has come within his first year of coming to the Ranch for Daycare! We’ve watched him grow more confident, become more comfortable, and make new fur-friends!

Every morning he excitedly greets his morning Star Buddy with a great big wet and sloppy kiss! Then he walks outside with her where he finds all his fur-friends happily waiting for him to join their yard so that they can greet him and play. Ruger and his fur-friends enjoy running and chasing and playing all sorts of fur-friend games out in the parks! And in the warmer months he and his fur-friends LOVE to take trips to the pond where they enjoy chasing each around the pond, splashing in and out of the water.

We are so happy to have Ruger as a part of the (very large) Dog Star family! From your Dog Star Ranch family, we could like to give you (Ruger) a BIG congratulation! on being unanimously voted Dog Star Ranch’s DayStar of the Month for February 2016!!

We love you, Ruger!

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