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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Will, Spyro, and Rex would like to share with you a handful of interesting facts that you may or may not already know. Who is going to start first?

Rex: I'll go first because I'm the oldest!
Will: We are like the same age!
Spyro: Then I should go first because clearly I am the youngest!
Rex: That makes sense.
Will: Yeah, okay, I can't argue that.
Spyro: Okay, so did you know that a group of Bats is called a Cauldron.
Rex: That sounds creepy!
Will: I wouldn't ever want to encounter a Cauldron of Bats! Okay, so my turn! My turn! Can I say this one?
Rex: No, I want to say that one! Say this one.
Will: Okay, so did you know that a group of Giraffes is called a Tower!?
Spyro: Because they are so tall!
Rex: Okay, my turn, so did you know that a group of Cockroaches is called an Intrusion?!
Will: And boy are they!
Spyro: You don't want those in your house! No thank you! My turn! Did you know that a group of Hyenas is called a Cackle!
Will: I wanted to say that one!
Spyro: Sorry!
Rex: I saw Hyenas on The Discovery Channel once, they scared me...and it makes sense as to why they are called a Cackle of Hyenas!
Will: I hate their cackle. Okay, Rex, your turn!
Rex: Did you know that a group of Porcupines is called a Prickle?!
Spyro: But why?
Rex: BECAUSE THEY HURT YOU! They do not want to be your friend.
Will: Okay, so my turn?
Rex: Yeah.
Will: Did you know that there is a Murder of Crows in that tree over there?
Spyro: Is that what they are called?!
Rex: That is eery...
Spyro: This one is my favorite. Did you know that a group of Water Buffalo is called a Pot of Water a Pot of Water...Buffalo! Ahahahahaha!!
Rex: You find that too funny.
Will: He is easily entertained.
Rex: He probably plays with his own shadow.
Spyro: I'm smarter than that!
Rex: There are two more fun facts. So Will and Spyro you can give the last ones.
Will: Did you know that a group of Owls is called a Wisdom, A Wisdom of Owls.
Rex: I've heard that Owls are very wise.
Spyro: Ahahahaha! This one is good. In the summer after it rains you can find a Squirm of Worms on the sidewalk!
Will: That was good!
Rex: So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed all our fun facts!
Spyro: You learn something new every day!
Will: So we hope we taught you something new!

Star Buddy: So what do you call a group of rowdy German Shepherd boys...
Will: You could at least call us handsome!
Rex: And intelligent!
Spyro: And charming!
Star Buddy: Oh boy...

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