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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What a coincidence! Wasn't it just on Monday that we were celebrating another handsome Shepherd's birthday? And wasn't that handsome Shepherd one of Will and Hildi's best fur-friend? Clearly these three were meant to be best fur-friends, they all share the same birth-month! And within two days of each other, how special!

Brunhilde (Hildi) and Wilhelm (Will) started coming to the Ranch in September of 2015 (almost the exact same time as Rex too)! From the very beginning, it was love at first sight when we met Will and Hildi.

1. Because they have super awesome names
2. Because they are adorable
3. Because they are super cool!

And today these two kiddos turn TWO!

Will and Hildi are two of the most well-behaved German Shepherd's you'll ever meet! They are very good at minding their P's and Q's! I mean, just look at how well they got dressed and sat for their birthday pictures! Angels, I tell ya, angels!

To say that Will and Hildi are excited to come to Daycare is an understatement. Will and Hildi are always overjoyed to come to Daycare and visit all their fur (and human) friends at the Ranch! Hildi is always so excited that she can't help but whine with excitement when she sees her morning Star Buddy come up to the door to let her and her brother inside! And Will, well Hildi too, forget about getting a "Good morning" to dad because Will and Hildi already have you to the door! They know exactly where they want to go! Outside where their fur-friends are also very excitedly wait for them!

Will and Hildi are more than just siblings, they are best fur-friends! And what is better than celebrating your birthday? Celebrating it with your best fur-friend!

From your family here at the Ranch and all your fur-friends, we wish you both the happiest SECOND birthday ever!! We hope your day was filled with hugs and kisses and back scratches and many, many, many treats!

Happy birthday Will and Hildi!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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