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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So the last we left off our valiant knight named Bear was hired to track down a dragon who was living on her mountain without permission. Bear accepted the Queen's order and set out to the very top of the mountain where the dragon was hiding. When Bear got to the top of the mountain he could hear the dragon, and the dragon was crying. Cowering at the very back of the den was a little dragon, she glowed pink, and she was crying. The dragon's name was Pinky and she was hiding from the bad men who were hunting her, they had already caught her mom and dad. Bear told Pinky that the Queen would help her. So Bear and his new little friend started their journey down the mountain, but after a while they both got tired and decided to rest for the night, they decided that they would finish their journey at first light. Cuddled up next to each other they fell fast asleep, but when Bear woke up in the morning, PINKY WAS GONE! If only he hadn't fallen asleep! Bear knew what he needed to do, he needed to go back up the mountain and rescue Pinky!

Chapter Two:

Bear followed the tracks of the bad men all the way back to the cave where he first found Pinky, but a very bad storm was blowing in and it was getting colder and it was very windy, Bear couldn't follow the tracks of the bad men anymore because the wind had blown them away. He sniffed around the cave trying to pick up a scent, but the bad men must have decided to continue up the mountain.

Bear was worried that he wouldn't be able to find poor Pinky in time, but he hoped that the storm would slow the bad men down. Deciding that the bad men must have continued up the mountain, Bear did the same. The storm was becoming stronger and that would make his climb even more dangerous. Bear needed to hurry!

Bear ran as fast as he could up the mountain, the wind working against him. But Bear was valiant and Bear was brave and Bear NEEDED to save his friend Pinky! So he pushed hard against the wind and continued quickly up the mountain.

And that is when he saw it! A blinking pink light! PINKY! It was Pinky, she was signaling to him! Bear cleared his throat and shouted as loud as he could PINKY! PINKY! I'M COMING FOR YOU! The bad men turned around quickly, and stood frozen as they watched Bear barrel towards them! And Bear in his loudest, most ferocious voice shouted LET HER GO! 

The bad men trembled, but they didn't let Pinky go. Bear knew that he would need to fight for her. He drew his sword, the bad men threw Pinky off to the side and then drew their swords.

Bear was not afraid. Bear was brave as he battled the bad men. Bear was faster than they were and he was smarter too. And before they knew it, Bear had defeated them both! He tied them together so that they couldn't escape. And he quickly ran over to where Pinky lay.

"Pinky, are you okay?" Bear asked.

"You came back for me!" Pinky smiled.

"Of course! You are my friend and I promised you that I would take you to the Queen so that she would help you find your family. I always keep my promises!" Bear smiled as he helped untie Pinky. 

Bear was happy to have defeated the bad men and he was happy that he was able to rescue Pinky, but there was still a storm coming, so Bear knew that him and Pinky would need to find shelter, and they would need to find it soon. So Bear with Pinky riding his back, and the bad men dragging behind, quickly hurried back down the mountain to where the cave was. There they would be safe from the storm.

With Pinky cuddled up safely next to him, Bear made sure to stay away and keep an eye on the bad men, he wasn't going to make the same mistake twice, so he made sure to stand guard.

With the storm done, at first morning light Bear, Pinky, and the bad men continued their journey down the mountain.

When Bear reached the castle of the Queen, he told the Queen everything that had happened. That Pinky wasn't a danger, that she was hiding from the bad men and that Pinky needed the Queen's help in finding her mom and dad. The Queen agreed to help Pinky find her parents, and she threw the bad men into the dungeon. She also apologized to Pinky for sending Bear up there to harm her, that she misunderstood the situation and she promised that she would help all good dragons from here on out, and that her kingdom would be dragon-friendly!

The bad men told the Queen where all the captured dragons were and the Queen arranged a rescue team, led by Bear, to go rescue all the dragons!

And everyone lived happily ever after...and Bear and Pinky are still best friends!

The End!

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