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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Murfee: I thought the Groundhog said that it was going to be an early Spring...
Star Buddy: I thought so too!
Murfee: Why is a Groundhog even predicting the weather?
Star Buddy: Tradition?
Murfee: Well, I'd like to write him a letter that tells him that it is 18°, that's the high, and that it is snowing again! And that maybe he should stop predicting the weather.
Star Buddy: Okay, you get on that.
Murfee: I'm being serious!
Star Buddy: I think he has email though.
Murfee: ...hahaha.
Star Buddy: You can actually get texts from him.
Murfee: He's a gopher, they can't text.
Star Buddy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! He is NOT a gopher, and if he heard you call him that...he might curse us with more winter!
Murfee: Oh whatever!
Star Buddy: You never know!
Murfee: ...sorry, Groundhog...
Star Buddy: Anyways, you like playing in the snow!
Murfee: Yeah, but not all year long!!
Star Buddy: Don't worry, Murf, Spring is coming.
Murfee: Okay...if you say so. I trust you more than I trust that Groundhog.

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