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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hiya! My name is Strider, I'm a Welsh Terrier! Today is my first day! I've never been on vacation before, so I'm pretty excited! The Star Buddy that greeted me this morning was super friendly, and she gave me A LOT of love! She called me a miniature Briggs, I don't know what a miniature Briggs is! Anyways, she took me out to my yard so I could go potty, and then another Star Buddy came in and loved on me too! They sure do love to give us scratchy's and cuddles! Then they said to each other that I would be best fur-friends with a Gus, something else that I have no idea what it is! But then I met the Gus and Gus is a puppy too! He is an Australian Shepherd and he is real fluffy. And then Gus took me to meet all of his other fur-friends! He has a lot of fur-friends, but they were all just so nice to me! And then when we were heading out for our run I passed a yard that had a bigger version of me in it! I asked the Star Buddy if that was what a Briggs was, and she said yes. Except a Briggs is a Airedale and I wouldn't be playing with him. So I said bye to him and went out with my fur-friends for our run! It was so much fun! I played with EVERYONE! And everyone played with us! It was such a great time! But running and playing can be such hard work, so the Star Buddy brought Gus and I inside to Half-Pint where we curled up with each other and took a nap, but then our other fur-friend Mochi came in and we all started playing again! Now Gus is away for lunch, but he said he would back! I am glad I have him to show me around the Ranch!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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