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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bentlee: Cooper!
Charley: *turns around* Umm...
Bentlee: Wait a second, you aren't Cooper!
Charley: Nope, I'm Charley! You've met me before.
Bentlee: I know, but you two do this to me all the time!
Charley: Us Doods, we look alike! *chuckles*
Bentlee: Did you just laugh at your own joke?
Charley: Maybe...
Bentlee: Where is Cooper?
Charley: He's over there, why? You don't want to play with me?!
Bentlee: I didn't...I mean...that isn't what I...
Charley: I'm kidding! Don't get...Bent...out of shape! *chuckles*
Bentlee: You're a reallllll comedian, Charley!
Charley: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Let's go play with Cooper, yeah?
Bentlee: YEAH!

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