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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Dragon's Tale

Chapter One:

Once upon a time when dragons still roamed the earth, in the snow-covered cold mountains of Dog Star, there lived a valiant knight named Bear.

Queen Samantha ruled Dog Star very well. She was an excellent Queen, she was kind to her people. She protected them and cared for them.

Except Queen Samantha had one small problem that she could not handle. Dragons. So she hired Sir Bear to be her dragon slayer. She did not like that there was a dragon trying to take over her mountain without permission, so she ordered Bear to get rid of her dragon problem.

Now Bear had never slayed a dragon before, and he wasn't quite sure as to whether or not he actually could...or how.

But he was valiant. And a knight. So he bravely accepted the Queen's order and set out to the very top of the mountain where the dragon was hiding.

As Bear got closer to the mountain he could hear the dragon, but it sounded as if the dragon were crying. Why would the dragon be crying?

Bear spied the entrance to the dragon's den, and ready for a fight, he approached the entrance. Cowering at the very back of the den was a little dragon, she glowed pink, and she was crying.

Bear felt bad for the scared little dragon, so he relaxed himself and calmly asked the dragon what her name was.

"My Pinky..." said the dragon.

"Hello, it is very nice to meet you, I am Sir Bear, knight to Queen Samantha" said Bear. "Might I ask what you are doing at the top of Dog Star mountain?"

"I'm hiding..." whispered Pinky.

"What are you hiding from?" Asked Bear.

"There are bad men hunting me...they already caught my mom and dad..." said Pinky.

"Come with me back to Queen Samantha's castle, she will help you!" said Bear.

"But didn't she send you up here to..." Pinky couldn't finish that sentence.

"...yes, but once she meets you and she hears what happened to you, she is a very understanding Queen." Bear promised her. "She just didn't like that you were living here without permission, she likes to know who everyone is."

"Okay..." said Pinky. "I will come with you."

So Sir Bear and his new little friend Pinky started their journey down the mountain. It was easy for Bear to go up the mountain because he was by himself, but now it was taking longer because Pinky was so little, and she hadn't quite learned how to fly yet, so it was hard for her to go down the mountain. To help her, Bear let her ride on his back for a while.

It was getting dark though and Bear was getting tired, so him and Pinky decided it would be best to set up camp so that they could rest for the night and then they would finish their journey at first light.

Snuggled up next to Bear, Pinky quickly fell asleep. Bear, being the good knight that he was, tried to stay awake and keep guard. He wasn't sure if the bad men that were after Pinky knew where she was or if they were following them.

But the warmth of the fire and the warm pink glow from Pinky soothed Bear to sleep.

When Bear woke up to the sun rising...PINKY WAS GONE!

Bear became frantic! This was all his fault! If only he hadn't fallen asleep! He needed to rescue Pinky before it was too late!!

He found several tracks heading back up the mountain, so back up he went!

Will Bear find Pinky in time? Stay tuned next week for Chapter Two!

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