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Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Season Protocol for Dog Star Ranch 2016

Winter is upon us and we want to keep all our park members and their humans safe and up to date on closures or park issues.  If you are ever in question of the status of the Ranch (office, bus, and parks), please check WZZM 13 for posted closures or our Facebook page.  Those two places will be the first places that we post cancellations.  We ask to please be patient in the mornings after a heavy snow fall.  We will start clearing as soon as we are able, but our doggie guests come first.  Do not force gate open.  When a gate is forced open it can become damaged and weakened.  If you are ever in question of the park status, call (231)766-0444.

If it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog!  Remember that as you plan your trips to the parks.  Negative wind chills are not safe for you or your pup.  Always walk with your cell phone on you!!  If you ever run into an issue, you always have a way to call for help.  Save our office number in your phone for quick access.  Monitor your pup for signs if issues, such as cracked paws and snow balls in between their toes.  Dog Star Ranch carries Musher’s Secret which is a nice product and designed with your pup’s paws in mind.  It’s a natural wax that you can apply directly to your dog’s feet and legs.  It creates a barrier between the paw and the snow making winter outings more comfortable.  It also works in the summer time to protect from the hot ground and pavement.   

How are we handling snow removal this season in the parks?  Safety has always been our number one concern, especially now due to the high number of park members using the facility.  We will be using the snow blower to clear the walkway up to the office, member’s entrance, Central Bark, the Canine Express, and into the first poop coops for the Small Dog Park, Active Dog Park, and Special Use Park.  Other paths and trails (such as the Canine Frontier nature trails) will be done by snowshoes. 

New this year!  Have you ever thought about snowshoeing?  Dog Star Ranch has some available for park use.  If you would like to use them, please call the office to reserve a pair.  There is no cost to do so, we just require that they are checked out and checked back in while the office is open.  When the shoes are signed out we will hold your vehicle keys while you are in the parks just so that they don’t go home with you on accident.  Snowshoes are a great way to get out and enjoy the winter time and an excellent way to exercise.  Don’t worry; the first time around we will help you get started.  We only have three pairs available so if you’d like to use them, please call ahead so we can set a pair aside for you.

Drum roll please….  We have started the steps towards completing the arena!  This January we brought in and flattened crushed concrete in the majority of the arena.  Now it has the feel of a well compacted, smooth road.  In the spring, we will be laying large mats down to provide a fully smooth surface that will be perfect for classes and agility.  If you have any questions about the progress of the arena or its plans please feel free to call (231)766-0444.

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