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Friday, January 8, 2016

Mochi: Lefty, I need a hug...
Lefty: What's wrong, Mochi?
Mochi: Well, I ate my breakfast...and then it was gone.
Lefty: I know your pain...
Mochi: You do?
Lefty: Happens to me too.
Mochi: And the Star Buddy didn't give me as many treats as I wanted.
Lefty: They never do. Apparently all the treats is ludicrous.
Mochi: And then when Little Buddy and Buddy R. and Opie get lunch! We deserve lunch too!
Lefty: I hear ya!
Mochi: You wanna take a nap before our run?
Lefty: Yeah, sure why not. Can we cuddle?
Mochi: Of course, I'll keep you warm!
Lefty: You're the best fur-friend, Mochi!
Mochi: You're the best as well!
Lefty: Sweet dreams!

(And don't worry, Mochi just needed excuses for a hug! But Mochi, you never need an excuse for a hug here! Hugs are free!)

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