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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen! I introduce to you Air Bear! The super talented fetch loving German Shepherd/Rottie!

Bear can:

- Dribble the tennis ball with his mouth
where he drops it from his mouth, it hits the ground once, and he scoops it back up as he returns the ball to me

- Pass the tennis ball between his paws
where he kicks the ball from front paw to front paw as he waits to finish bringing the ball all the way to me

- Kick and stop the ball
where he kicks the ball to  me with his front paw, but then politely stops it right before it rolls past me, and then he kindly sits down and waits for me to throw it

Seriously. I kid you not. I couldn't possibly make up something so awesome. And I wish I could get video evidence of these mad skills, but that is always easier said than done! But it doesn't matter, because we have more fun losing track of time playing fetch more than anything! Don't we Bear?!

Check out more pictures from today of all our fur-friends by clicking on the link below!

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