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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did you know that birds that fly in a V formation use an amazing trick?  Many people know that this formation conserves energy, but it's so much more impressive than that...  When they flap those massive wings, they create vortices causing the bird directly behind to be pushed down and the air behind it and off to the sides pushes up.  If another bird flies in either of those upwash zones, it basically get's a free ride!  Whoot whoot!  This is what creates the classic V shape we are all used to seeing.  So the birds behind the leader are actually are mooching a free ride!  

Hey guys, do you think that can work for us??  Briggs, go ahead and take the lead the way and we'll be right behind you!! 

More fun filled snow flurry photos from today can be found at

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