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Monday, January 18, 2016

A tutorial by Mr. Brody H.

So, what is one of the very best things that you can do in the snow (okay, second to a snowball fight)?  Make snow angels, of course!  Now you have to do it just right if you want it to be absolutely perfect.  Find a spot that no one has been on yet so you make the first paw prints.  The fresher the snow the better and definitely not a spot with yellow snow!  Once you have found the spot plop down, flip over, and go to town!  Wave your arms (like you just don't care) to make the wings and your legs and tail to make the bottom.  I like to make my angels look like they are dancin'.  
Presto!  It's perfect!!  Now you know how to make a snow angel!  To all my daycare amigos, I expect to see more snow angels throughout the parks!  Let's load 'em up!

Your's truly,

Mr. Brody H.

P.S. For more photos from today's wintry adventures, click here and enjoy!

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