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Friday, January 29, 2016

Hemi, the Fabio of Golden Retrievers!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen! Please give a big warm welcome to our NEWEST fur-friend! This handsome young pup is having an absolute blast at his first day of Daycare! Bruno has already made so many new fur-friends! And all the staff have already fallen head over heels in love with him! But I mean, how could you not?! His freckled nose, floppy ears, soft puppy fur, sweet puppy breath...!!

We are so very excited to have you as a fur-friend, and we are so excited to watch you grow and learn! Happy first day of Daycare, Bruno!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So...  Yeah...   Ms. Anna takes the afternoon off and leaves blogging to Jen...  Not just regular Jen; Jen on sinus and cold medication...  Might not be the best idea ever as when it comes to creative writing I have about zero creativity on a normal basis!  LOL!  I'm going to let all the photos do the talkin'!  Enjoy this gallery of smiles, waggin' tails, snow angels, and happy pups at !

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bella L.: What! Why would you tell me that? I haven't finished reading Marley & Me yet!!
Star Buddy: Oops...I mean, it didn't end that way!

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Friday, January 22, 2016


Who told you that you could turn two? That is simply not allowed! How is it possible that we've already known you for two years of your life! We've watched you grow and learn into the beautiful smart young lady that you are today, and we couldn't be more proud of you! You are a radiant Golden light and your adorable smile is so contagious! You are always so happy and just such a positive little girl! Happy 2nd birthday, Zeeva! We wish you many more fun-filled birthdays!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dozer: But I don't want to wear my coat.
Star Buddy: Dozer, honey, it is cold outside, you're gonna want your coat on.
Dozer: But I have fur!
Star Buddy: But you are a Boxer, so your hair is short.
Dozer: But Star Buddy...
Star Buddy: No but's mister, now hold still so I can put your coat on.
Dozer: Okay...but I'm going to kiss your face while you do.
Star Buddy: Silly boy <3 p="">

Bundling our little (and big) fur-friends up in the winter is always an adventure! Sometimes they protest. And sometimes they get excited. Other times they just stand there and let you put their coat on with no care in the world. Either way, it is always adorable seeing our fur-friends run around in their bright colored coats! And if your fur-baby is like Dozer, you try to take it off by using the fence!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did you know that birds that fly in a V formation use an amazing trick?  Many people know that this formation conserves energy, but it's so much more impressive than that...  When they flap those massive wings, they create vortices causing the bird directly behind to be pushed down and the air behind it and off to the sides pushes up.  If another bird flies in either of those upwash zones, it basically get's a free ride!  Whoot whoot!  This is what creates the classic V shape we are all used to seeing.  So the birds behind the leader are actually are mooching a free ride!  

Hey guys, do you think that can work for us??  Briggs, go ahead and take the lead the way and we'll be right behind you!! 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rifiki and Benson sure have made themselves at home here at the Ranch! You would never guess that they are first time boarders!

Benson loves to take his naps on the lap of his Office Ladies (he is currently napping on my lap as I write this).

And sometimes, both Benson and Rifiki will want lap time! But boy does that get crowded! Especially when they wiggle wiggle all around!

But Rifiki has gotten really good at stealing the spots of the Office Ladies when they get up from their chairs, and she is pretty darn adorable sitting by the computer!

They are just two adorable goofballs!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

A tutorial by Mr. Brody H.

So, what is one of the very best things that you can do in the snow (okay, second to a snowball fight)?  Make snow angels, of course!  Now you have to do it just right if you want it to be absolutely perfect.  Find a spot that no one has been on yet so you make the first paw prints.  The fresher the snow the better and definitely not a spot with yellow snow!  Once you have found the spot plop down, flip over, and go to town!  Wave your arms (like you just don't care) to make the wings and your legs and tail to make the bottom.  I like to make my angels look like they are dancin'.  
Presto!  It's perfect!!  Now you know how to make a snow angel!  To all my daycare amigos, I expect to see more snow angels throughout the parks!  Let's load 'em up!

Your's truly,

Mr. Brody H.

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Winter Season Protocol for Dog Star Ranch 2016

Winter is upon us and we want to keep all our park members and their humans safe and up to date on closures or park issues.  If you are ever in question of the status of the Ranch (office, bus, and parks), please check WZZM 13 for posted closures or our Facebook page.  Those two places will be the first places that we post cancellations.  We ask to please be patient in the mornings after a heavy snow fall.  We will start clearing as soon as we are able, but our doggie guests come first.  Do not force gate open.  When a gate is forced open it can become damaged and weakened.  If you are ever in question of the park status, call (231)766-0444.

If it is too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog!  Remember that as you plan your trips to the parks.  Negative wind chills are not safe for you or your pup.  Always walk with your cell phone on you!!  If you ever run into an issue, you always have a way to call for help.  Save our office number in your phone for quick access.  Monitor your pup for signs if issues, such as cracked paws and snow balls in between their toes.  Dog Star Ranch carries Musher’s Secret which is a nice product and designed with your pup’s paws in mind.  It’s a natural wax that you can apply directly to your dog’s feet and legs.  It creates a barrier between the paw and the snow making winter outings more comfortable.  It also works in the summer time to protect from the hot ground and pavement.   

How are we handling snow removal this season in the parks?  Safety has always been our number one concern, especially now due to the high number of park members using the facility.  We will be using the snow blower to clear the walkway up to the office, member’s entrance, Central Bark, the Canine Express, and into the first poop coops for the Small Dog Park, Active Dog Park, and Special Use Park.  Other paths and trails (such as the Canine Frontier nature trails) will be done by snowshoes. 

New this year!  Have you ever thought about snowshoeing?  Dog Star Ranch has some available for park use.  If you would like to use them, please call the office to reserve a pair.  There is no cost to do so, we just require that they are checked out and checked back in while the office is open.  When the shoes are signed out we will hold your vehicle keys while you are in the parks just so that they don’t go home with you on accident.  Snowshoes are a great way to get out and enjoy the winter time and an excellent way to exercise.  Don’t worry; the first time around we will help you get started.  We only have three pairs available so if you’d like to use them, please call ahead so we can set a pair aside for you.

Drum roll please….  We have started the steps towards completing the arena!  This January we brought in and flattened crushed concrete in the majority of the arena.  Now it has the feel of a well compacted, smooth road.  In the spring, we will be laying large mats down to provide a fully smooth surface that will be perfect for classes and agility.  If you have any questions about the progress of the arena or its plans please feel free to call (231)766-0444.

Friday, January 15, 2016

This is a #fbf all about how
Boo’s life got flip-turned upside down
And he’d like to take a minute and sit right there
And tell you how he became a big brother to a Lab named Barkley!

For two years Boo lived in peace and quiet. As the only fur-baby of the house he got all the attention. Boo has been coming to the Ranch since 2006, he was an adorable black ball of fluff (and he still is an adorable black ball of fluff). As a puppy he enjoyed coming to Daycare, hanging out with his fur-friends, taking naps, and getting treats.

But something was missing…

Another set of four paws running around the house!

Enter Barkley!

Barkley started coming to the Ranch in 2008 as a cute little adorable bundle of white fluff. Fast-forward to 2016 and now, instead of being cute and little, Barkley is now handsome and big!
Boo didn’t stay the big brother for long (he likes to call himself the BIG (little) brother); Barkley quickly surpassed Boo in size!
At first Boo wasn’t sure that he wanted a baby brother, but as time passed Barkley grew on him! Because what is better than having a fur-friend? A fur-friend that is your furry-best fur-friend fur-brother! Especially a little fur-brother who looks up to you like Barkley did. Barkley tried really hard to imitate his big brother Boo’s every move. As a pup Barkley dreamed of one day hanging with his big brother Boo’s fur-friends, and now Boo and Barkley run with the same crew! These two LOVE coming to Daycare! Every morning when the Dog Gone Waggin’ pulls up to their house, their tails are a-waggin’!

Boo and Barkley, we love your adorable furry faces!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today's #tbt goes all the way back to October 23, 2013, the year that Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation, #selfie was added to the Oxford Dictionary, and remember Candy Crush? It's okay, we all remember Candy Crush. The year 2013 was also the year that this gorgeous Golden Retriever entered the world tail-a-waggin'! Ellie, two years old now, first started coming to Daycare in October of 2013 as a crazy (adorable) puppy, she played shy, but warmed up quickly to all the staff and fur-friends at the Ranch. And she is no different today! She is still crazy (adorable) and pretends to be shy, but this girl is just as much of a goofball as she was the first day that she came in!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Penny, looking like Superwoman with her coat on, is Superwoman! And that is exactly why she is our #wcw! You wouldn't guess that she is SEVEN! She is definitely a YOUNG seven! As she zips around the park and plays with her fur-friends in Pup Paradise. And she still has that Terrier jump, as you can sometimes catch her hopping up onto the desk in Pup Paradise where she likes to sit and watch her fur-friends down below. Penny has been coming to the Ranch since late December of last year, but you would never guess that she hasn't been coming for that long! She as quickly adjusted to the Daycare/Ranch life and she has made many many fur-friends! Penny, we love you and you quirky human characteristics!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just another snow day in West Michigan...

"I don't know what ya'll are talkin' about.  All this snow is absolutely perfect and I think I'll just take a little siesta right here in the Star Buddy Park.  First ya see me, now ya don't!"

- Mr. Sampson, the St. Bernard

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Today’s #mcm is the dashing and darting Dozer! He is the most handsomest Boxer in all the Dog Star land! His vocals have been compared to Frank Sinatra’s, the ladies swoon when they hear him crooning! Dozer is our ready-to-race right out the gate, he always two laps ahead of everyone else! His handsome face can also be a goofy face, especially if you capture his picture while he is running! Dozer is one gosh darn good looking #mancrushmonday <3 font="">

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Winter weather protocol / Closing notifications

Looks like winter has made to West Michigan after all, just a reminder if we have any cancellations with the office, parks, or bus, we will post them as quickly as we can here,,  and on WZZM 13's cancellations. Welcome to winter everyone and be safe out on the roadways!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mochi: Lefty, I need a hug...
Lefty: What's wrong, Mochi?
Mochi: Well, I ate my breakfast...and then it was gone.
Lefty: I know your pain...
Mochi: You do?
Lefty: Happens to me too.
Mochi: And the Star Buddy didn't give me as many treats as I wanted.
Lefty: They never do. Apparently all the treats is ludicrous.
Mochi: And then when Little Buddy and Buddy R. and Opie get lunch! We deserve lunch too!
Lefty: I hear ya!
Mochi: You wanna take a nap before our run?
Lefty: Yeah, sure why not. Can we cuddle?
Mochi: Of course, I'll keep you warm!
Lefty: You're the best fur-friend, Mochi!
Mochi: You're the best as well!
Lefty: Sweet dreams!

(And don't worry, Mochi just needed excuses for a hug! But Mochi, you never need an excuse for a hug here! Hugs are free!)

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen! I introduce to you Air Bear! The super talented fetch loving German Shepherd/Rottie!

Bear can:

- Dribble the tennis ball with his mouth
where he drops it from his mouth, it hits the ground once, and he scoops it back up as he returns the ball to me

- Pass the tennis ball between his paws
where he kicks the ball from front paw to front paw as he waits to finish bringing the ball all the way to me

- Kick and stop the ball
where he kicks the ball to  me with his front paw, but then politely stops it right before it rolls past me, and then he kindly sits down and waits for me to throw it

Seriously. I kid you not. I couldn't possibly make up something so awesome. And I wish I could get video evidence of these mad skills, but that is always easier said than done! But it doesn't matter, because we have more fun losing track of time playing fetch more than anything! Don't we Bear?!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star Buddy:
Briar Briar at Dog Star
Who is the funnest of them all?

Ziva is!

Briar had so much fun at Dog Star today with all her fur-friends, but she wasn't the only one! All our fur-friends had a blast playing in the snow and sunshine!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Brr Brr Baby" ("Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice)

Brr brr baby too cold, brr brr baby too cold too cold
Brr brr baby too cold too cold, brr brr baby too cold too cold!

Star Buddy: Siri, how cold is it outside?
Siri: I would say it's cold...about 22°F
Star Buddy: How cold is it outside, Siri?
Siri: It's about 24°F. That seems cold to me.
Star Buddy: Is it cold outside, Siri?
Siri: 26°F is cold by my standards. I can't say whether people in Dalton find it so.
Star Buddy: What's the temperature, Siri?
Siri: Brr! It's 28°F outside.

Our Star Buddies aren't the only ones bundling up to go outside, our fur-friends sure are thankful for warm coats and sweaters to help keep them cozy while they run and play outside!

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

DayStar of the Year 2015 ~ Brody Harris

DayStar of the Year 2015 ~ Brody Harris

Our unanimously voted fur-friend DayStar of the Year for 2015 is one great big goofball. Brody Harris has been coming to the Ranch since May of 2011! This crazy five year old Yellow Lab has been a regular in Daycare since 2011, and he has been a Bus Boy since day one as well!
To say that Brody loves coming to Daycare is an understatement. When he sees the Dog Gone Waggin’, he goes from 0 to 60 in less than a second! He bounces with excitement and spins in circles in anticipation! And Brody, being the gentleman that he is, always makes sure to give his bus driver a good morning kiss!

Brody’s favorite Star Buddy deemed him the name Meat Head (because of his big head), but Brody also has a big heart! He is such a lover boy. Brody gives the best kisses and he loves to cuddle up next to all his fur-friends. Brody’s favorite fur-friends are his “fur-parents,” Mia and Rudy (also regular bus riders). If Mia and Rudy try to sneak off for Mom and Dad time, it doesn’t take long for Brody to find them and join them for fun. He is such a silly boy as he runs after them barking away “Wait for me! Wait for me!”

Brody has a one-of-a-kind personality (like all our fur-friends that come to the Ranch)! He is an intelligent young man, but if you try to ask him to sit for a nice picture while out on a run, he will tell you “No!” And he will tell you no again and again and again! It is so funny how he actually sounds like he is talking to his Star Buddies; he is a very special boy!

We are very happy to share that Brody Harris is the DayStar of the Year for 2015! Brody, we love you and love having you as a part of our furry large Dog Star family! Congratulations!