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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy birthday to this sweet Christmas baby!

Gordy (pictured left) is celebrating his 12th birthday today at the Ranch with the help of his...

Kiefer: Much younger and more attractive...

Excuse me, Kiefer, but this is Gordy's day! Compliments only!

Kiefer: ...with the help of his...

With the help of his wonderful younger brother, Kiefer!

Kiefer: That works, I guess.

Oh Kiefer...

Gordy enjoyed his birthday by hanging out with his little fur-friends, going for his run with his fur-friends, taking a nap in Pup Paradise, and eating all the treats his sweet old man heart desired! But of course, if he was going to get dressed up in a ridiculous boa for his birthday, his brother Kiefer was going to as well!

May your birthday be merry and bright, Gordy!

We love you and hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you!

Check out more pictures from today by clicking on the link below!

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