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Friday, February 27, 2015

"Birthday Boy!"

Happy birthday, Jack! Although numerically you're fifteen, you are still a pup at heart! Our groomers love pampering you, and we love having you as a fur-friend! May all your birthday wishes come true!

Sobek felt tall for his age, then again he should. Being a Great Dane came with great height. He liked feeling like a skyscraper as he peeked over the counter in the front office, the humans behind it gushing over his good looks.

His nose explored the air, it smelled familiar, like he'd been here before, because he had. He was eager to explore more of this strange and new surrounding. With two good-byes and one last slightly unsure, but more-so reassuring "I'll be fine" to Mom and Dad, Sobek passed through the heavy metal door held open for him by the friendly human lady.

The smells in the open yard sent his sense of smell into a whirlwind of trying to process every scent. He was just beginning to catalog each and every one when his ears perked to the sound of the gate unlatching and squeaking open. Turning around, Sobek registered that it was another human, this time beckoning him to follow her out of the yard and down a walkway with gate after gate after gate. This he did not remember. This he did not recognize, so he took his time, and she let him take his time. She stopped, asked if he was ready, and with eager eyes he told her "Yes!"

Sobek is our newest fur-friend to join us at the Ranch, as a first-time boarder, he was eager to check out and smell the entirety of the Star Buddy Park. As far as first days go, Sobek is having a blast! And our staff is already in love with his sweet personality and charming good looks :)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

"The Shadow"

The heavy winter coat of snow that covered the ground looked solid, but it deceived Macy as she plodded off the packed path, and although she thought "light as a feather," she punctured the snow more like "heavy as a Retriever."

She couldn't have been happier to have had the opportunity to romp around outside, albeit but brief, she had watched her Star Buddy apply layer after layer of clothing, it seemed silly she had thought, her coat kept her warm enough for the time she spent outside, and lucky for her she didn't have to shed all those layers just to go to the bathroom or eat or even to be inside! She felt bad for her less fortunate Star Buddy. It just seemed like a lot of work. Macy also considered the strange fact that her Star Buddy would rather only utilize two out of her four legs, didn't she know that she could get around faster by using all four. Humans, so strange!

Macy felt the urge to jump on her Star Buddy, to ask why she did so many strange things, but changed her mind after witnessing the reminder "Off" to her fellow fur-friend. That was another thing. Her Star Buddy was so bossy! "Macy, come...Macy, leave it...Macy, Macy, Macy..." so bossy! But heaven forbid when she ask for something. It's like hello! don't you speak bark? Obviously not. It was always more of a "Hey, pay attention to me! I know I'm your favorite." But whatever, it didn't matter. Pet peeves, pet peeves.

Macy was lost in her head, too preoccupied by her own silly thoughts, to even notice that she was about to run into someone. Wait, but she didn't. Macy didn't understand. At last minute she caught sight of them and just decided that meh, she could run into them, but she didn't. She went through them. That's impossible. You go through doors and gates and through other things, but you don't go through humans, you run into them. You straight up run into them, and sometimes if you're lucky, they fall. But that didn't happen. She tried to pounce on it, to catch it, but she couldn't. She couldn't catch it and it frustrated her. She pounced and pounced and pounced, and each time it kept walking away, unfazed! If there was one thing that Macy hated more than going to the V-E-T, it was being ignored, and that is exactly what this thing was doing. "Fine, if that is how you want to be, so be it!" Macy thought to she continued to bounce after the figure until it disappeared.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"What you see is not real. What you see is not real. What you see is not real. What you feel is not cold. What you feel is not cold. What you feel is not cold. What you see is not real. What is white is green. What is cold is warm. What is white is green. What is wet, cold, and white is green, warm, and dirt..."

Pluto...question for you.


What exactly are you doing?

"What you see is not real."

You're rolling around in snow. It seems pretty real to me. Are you making a snow angel?

"To make a snow angel I would need snow, silly."


"You look confused."

Only slightly. You're playing in snow. You know that, right?

"What you see is not real."


"I'm going to think it to Spring. If I think hard enough about it, and believe it enough, Spring will appear."

And how long is that going to take?

"I'd give it a couple more months."

As much as we wish for Spring to magically appear, we must wait. But for now we dance with the sun when it blesses us with its presence. Today's weather loved us, warmed us, and let us play outside! As we wait for Spring (who we desperately miss), we will lap up these (hopefully) melting moments left that we have with Winter. Stay warm! Be happy! Spring is on its way :)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How are you feeling about your first day, Capone?

"IT'S GOING AWESOME! I was so excited when my mom said she was bringing me to Daycare today. I even made a friend!"

That's good! So tell us a little bit about your day.

"It was too cold to go outside this morning, so I stayed inside. There is this real jazzy place called the Loft where fur-friends can chill, and I hung out in there with my friend Rango."

So what made you want to go outside?

"I really really really wanted to play in the snow! And Rango said he loved playing in the snow too. So we barked the Star Buddy up until our good looks and charm won her over. She bundled up and we lapped around the park having a blast. We didn't stay out too long, just long enough to have a complete BLAST!"

What else have you done today?

"I listened to Kevlar sing. I'm not really into opera, so I kinda fell asleep on him."

We're so glad that you've had an awesome day at Daycare, Capone!

"I'm glad too! I love it here!!"

Capone is have the best first day ever! We love meeting/making new fur-friends, and Capone is a GREAT fur-friend! It's definitely love at first sight with this fella because we all love Capone so much already! We look forward to getting to know you better, Capone!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

"Nap Time" feat. Bear

Brr! It's Cold Out There (Parody to Brr! It's Cold In Here)

I said...
It's cold out there
I said there must be some sub-zero
Temperatures in the atmosphere
Brr! It's cold out there
There must be some serious
Napping take place here
I said
It's cold! Cold! Cold!
Cold! Cold! Cold!
Here we go fur-friends!

Our fur-friends and Star Buddies said NO WAY! to the outside world today. And instead, we hello-ed the arena for our fun. But I dare say our fur-friends had the most fun taking naps because who doesn't love naps!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Incognito" feat. Nova

This morning's first run was exhilarating. Amped up on coffee and a great mood, bundled up for the snow, too warm even to stand the buildings heat for several minutes, my fur-friends and I ventured out and into the wilderness, the wild untouched land known as the Star Buddy Park. Mother Nature erased any evidence of the previous path, so we treaded forth making our own. The sun's glare brightened our faces and put a little pep in our steps. We cursed the shade and danced in the light. We delighted in our fun and forgot about the cold. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"I like to think of myself as a Snow Shepherd, kinda like how there are Snow Leopards, but of the Shepherd variety. Of course I know that I'm a German Shepherd, but for right now pretend that I'm a Snow Shepherd."
What makes a Snow Shepherd so special?
What makes a Snow Shepherd different from a German Shepherd?"
Oh, so what made you want to become a Snow Shepherd?
"Because I love the snow! I love eating it, playing in it, and just doing everything in it! Sometimes if I'm not watching where I'm going, I run where it is really deep and then I get stuck. But I think that is funny."
What do you like about being a Snow Shepherd?
"It makes it way easier for me to hide when playing hide and seek with Ace. he understands the struggle because he is a Doberman, and he sticks out in the snow just like me! But if I am a Snow Shepherd then he can't find me!"
Sadie had so much fun today! She loves to bury her head into the snow and emerge as a Snow Shepherd as she likes to call herself. She and her fur-friend Ace (who didn't mind the snow, but does not love it nearly as much as Miss Sadie) had a lot of fun on their run today! They loved playing hide and seek and rolling around in the snow with each other!
Thanks for having such a great day with us, Sadie! We love having you as a fur-friend!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"If You're Happy And You Know It" feat. Dozer

If you're happy and you know it put on your happy face! Dozer and his other fur-friends at the Ranch had so much fun today. Both those who played outside in the snow, and our fur-friends who hung out in the arena enjoyed a great deal of romping around, stirring up snow and sand! We love making our fur-friends happy! So if you're happy and you know it GIVE A BARK!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Interview with Cooper and Merle

Cooper: Hello, and welcome to the Cooper Show! Today we have a very special guest near and dear to my heart, my brother, Merle! Come on out, Merle!

Merle: Thank you for having me, Cooper.

Cooper: How have you been?

Merle: I've been good. Busy. I'm actually out promoting my newest film The Dog Park.

Cooper: Oh! That's right? Tell me about that.

Merle: It's about this dog, Ruffles, played by me who goes to the dog park and he meets a girl. If you want to know what happens after that I guess you'll have to see the film!

Cooper: Sounds interesting! I love Dog Parks.

Merle: I'm actually staying at Dog Star Ranch, which is also a Dog Park. Best five star hotel I've stayed at.

Cooper: Okay, so we've got some questions from the audience. First question is from Gracie M.

Gracie M.: Tennis Balls or Frisbees?

Merle: Oh, hmmm, that is a tough one. I would have to say Frisbees.

Cooper: Decker has the next question.

Decker: Do you like to swim?

Merle: Love to! Summer is my favorite season solely because it means that I get to swim.

Cooper: Lucy has our last question.

Lucy: Are you single?

Merle: Are you looking?!

Cooper: Ohhoho! Sounds like he is looking, Lucy! Merle, thank you for being with us and we look forward to The Dog Park, when does that come out?

Merle: February 27th! Thank you, Cooper!

Cooper and Merle are two handsome, or too handsome, they are two too handsome men with lots of love they they, well, love to share! They are such goofballs that it is almost impossible for you not to smile when around them. We love having them here! We love having all our fur-friends here. It is always a bright day when we've got our fur-friends to love.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cooper: Why are your paws so big?
Sampson: Because I'm gonna get big!
Cooper: Am I gonna get big too?!
Sampson: No, just me!
Cooper: But I wanna be big too!
Sampson: You'll be big in your own way!
Cooper: But look at my paws...
Sampson: You're so fast though! And the only reason you're so fast is because you aren't big.
Cooper: I guess...
Sampson: Have you seen Sampson the Saint Bernard run? He is big. He doesn't run fast.
Cooper: Good point. Yeah! I like being little. It makes me fast! I'm faster than you.
Sampson: But I'm winning!
Cooper: I'm letting you!
Sampson: Can we be best friends forever?
Cooper: Umm...I thought we already were?!
Sampson: Okay, good!
Cooper: Ready to race again?!
Sampson: On your mark...
Cooper: Get set...
Sampson & Cooper: GO!

Puppy friendships grow into adult friendships! Sampson and Cooper are not only absolutely adorable puppies, but they are absolutely adorable best friends! It is always a great day when Cooper can race and chase his friends. And Sampson, can you please stop growing so fast! This handsome pup is growing so tall and getting so smart! Both of them are! We love watching you two learn and grow, we really do! 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DayStar of the Month ~ January 2015 is Kirby Stephenson!

How do I even begin to describe the DayStar of the Month, also known as “Burby” or the “Kirbster?” This is a very special senior dog that we all hold very near and dear to our hearts. During the winter months, he’ll spend an extended vacation with us at the Ranch and during that time, he’s the boss! If he wants in Pup Paradise, that’s where he goes. If he wants to take a break in his spot, that’s where he goes. If he wants rotisserie chicken in his meals, well that’s what he gets! Nothing but the best for this 14 year old Irish Water Spaniel that goes by the name of Kirby Stephenson! Mr. Kirby has been a Ranch regular since we opened our doors in 2004. It has been a wonderful journey watching him grow and mature over the years! Words truly cannot describe how very special this boy is to all of us. Thank you for sharing him with us all the years and we are so very happy to share that Mr. Kirby Stephenson has been voted the DayStar of the Month for January 2015!! Congrats big guy as you definitely deserve it!
"My What A Long Nose You Have" feat. Silver

Why am I following you? Why are you following me? Let me introduce myself, the name is Silver. That Pointer over there, yeah, way over there on that side of the park, she is hot on the trail of some footprints in the snow that seem to be of the non-canine variety, at least that is what she is saying. Very interesting stuff. For her at least.

Oh, you think I'm trying to distract you from your original question? That's nonsense. Here, let me give you my business card and maybe that will shine some light on this situation we have cooking here.

Silver is the name, Private Investigator is the Game.
Silver, snooping so stealthily, she's the only PI to get the job done right.
Silver stands for Savvy Investigator Looking Very Energetic Robots...
Silver, the Savvy Investigator.
Greyhounds get the job done! And quick!

Don't give me that look. You can never have too many slogans. My business card is a work in progress, I just started. It also shows that I've got a lot of specialties.

Listen, here is the thing I've been hot on your trail the moment you got out into this park. My friend Gracie and I were followed by you, and what you're doing in the park, I don't know, because it is a Dog Park and you are clearly not a dog. Are you a Private Investigator investigating me? But you're watching me. And taking pictures. I mean, that is a little suspicious if you ask me. Are you stalking me? How am I the one stalking you?! OH WHAT! Because I'm walking behind you at a relatively close distance? OH WHAT! I stepped on the back of your shoe maybe twice. I did not poke you with my nose. YOU TAKE THAT BACK! I AM A GREAT PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR! Oh, you did not just say that! I'VE BEEN AT THIS JOB FOR LIKE...TWENTY MINUTES! So what if today is my first day. At least I'm actually trailing something, Gracie is just smelling trees and bushes and paw-prints. You just keep walking, and put that camera away...I've got my eye on you Human...

Silver is such a sweetheart, and although she doesn't particularly love the cold, she has her jacket to keep herself warm while she is out with her friends. Today, she and her friend Gracie the Pointer had a lot of fun out in the Park today for their run. These two girls love each others company, each able to do their own thing. Gracie loved smelling the entirety of the park while Silver loved following me from close behind. It has been such a pleasant day!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

"Same" feat. Gracie and Mack

Mack: The clouds won't stay
the snow will melt away
the grass will grow greener.
When this cold feels like forever
the sun reminds us to
keep our hopes high.

Gracie: Wow. That's deep.

Mack: I meditate.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

"For The Love Of Winter" feat. Beauregard

This is the face of a man who LOVES snow. 
This dude LOVES snow.
Beauregard absolutely LOVES snow.

Not even a moment after opening the gate to the Star Buddy Park he was gone! And I mean this in the best way possible, Beauregard turned into a maniac! As if this were his first time with snow, he raced around, sending dog-made snow-nadoes about, hopping here and there, spinning around in circles, and dancing at my feet for snowballs. Speaking of snowballs, Beauregard loves to eat snowballs. He begs for them. He patiently waits while I pack the snow into a ball, and he patiently waits until I throw it in the air for him to catch. Beauregard is lovable, huggable, and downright adorable. We couldn't ask for a better fur-friend! 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Conquistador" feat. Demon

No amount of snow is too much snow for me. My short legs get me around just fine. I truck along at my own speed, it isn't a race for me. And even if it were I would win. You've heard the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare right? I'm the Tortoise and everyone else is the Hare. While they fall prey to the many distractions, like smells, noises, and play, I keep focused. I'm a focused kind of man, which makes me perfect for this job. Oh, you don't know about the job? I'm talking about the Secret Agent job. I have many disguises and a variety of sweaters that will help protect my identity. Shoot, you could even dress me up as a cat and I will be so good at pretending to be a cat that my fur-friends won't even know the difference, and they would bark and chase me. What if they chase me up a tree? Didn't you know, I know how to climb trees... Yeah, I know how. What, you don't believe me? Well you should. Or maybe you shouldn't...because maybe I am doing another one of those really cool spy tricks where I deceive you and trick you into believing something else so as to stray you away from knowing what you really want to know, like where I hid your keys or why you're missing a sock. A red herring, that is what they use in literary terms. That is another thing that I can do. I can pretend to be a scholar who knows many great things, or a doctor who has performed several brain surgeries. That is why I am perfect for the job. I've been a Secret Agent before. Or have I? I will never tell...

Demon is one handsome Dachshund. He loves to lounge on the couch in Pup with his fur-friends, like Mack, cuddled up close to keep warm. Or you can find him spying from underneath the desk with a fur-friend or two. Demon and his fur-friends love their afternoon naps after a play outside (or in the arena depending on weather). We've got such sweet pups (no matter of their age) at the Ranch, and boy do we love to love on them!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Gallop" feat. Hazel Grace

I am Queen
Queen of lanky body
And graceful steps
I am Queen
Queen of stretched out shadows
And running in circles
I am Queen
Queen of quiet
And of bark
I am Queen
Queen at running through snow
With my long legs 
Galloping me forward
I am Queen
Queen of Dog Star Ranch

Hazel Grace is my favorite Irish Wolfhound. Well, okay, she is the only Irish Wolfhound that I know, but that does not make her any less my favorite. She is gentle and kind. She is happy and energetic. She is such a special girl and we love having her at the Ranch :)

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Monday, February 2, 2015


Dog Star Ranch presents Open Gym!

This allows you to use our sand floor arena for play out of the weather elements.  Open Gym will be available on days listed below and will continue until we are no longer in the winter season.

Tuesday nights ~ 7:15 - 8:15 pm
Thursday nights ~ 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Saturday nights ~ 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Open Gym can be purchased month by month and must be done while our office is open.  You can come as many times as you'd like within that month.

Cost: $40.00 per dog per month  
SPECIAL: If you sign up for the month of February by 2/6/2015 @ 6:00 pm you can get Open Gym for 10% off!!
(Sirius star park members save an additional 10% off)

** Full Park Pass is Required and this is not a session with the trainers.

For questions or more information on the Open Gym or other services that we offer at the Ranch call (231)766-0444.

Thank you for choosing Dog Star Ranch to give your dog somethin' to bark about this year!